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Decipher The Morse Code Accurately – Tune Into Your Body And Make Sure You Are Not Ignoring These 4 Common Red Flags!



The body is a very efficient machine that runs on its own and then when it needs attention or hits a roadblock, it doesn’t just quit working one fine day. The body has a unique Morse code of its own and it uses the code to send us signals that we need to pause and check if everything is alright or not.

This Morse code needs to be acknowledged and interpreted so that you know exactly what your body is trying to tell you. These signals will be extremely minute and it’s easy to ignore them assuming them to be of no consequence. Most of us, time and again, have been told that precaution is indeed better than cure. Following the same, we have listed down 5 signals that all of us get at one point in time and most of us tend to ignore them.

You catch every cold and flu

The common cold is named is pretty deceivingly named common which makes it seem like something ordinary. Whereas the truth couldn’t be farther from this. If you catch a common cold commonly, then it is a sign that your body isn’t fighting off infections as it should.

Given the environment we live in, we are exposed to numerous infections and bacteria every day. Our only defense is our immune system that combats these infections. If you find yourself with a running nose or a low-grade fever every now and then, you should turn your attention towards your body and get yourself checked. A poor immune system could result from a variety of reasons like stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc.

You are perpetually fatigued

The human body is such a machine that it needs its time off to be able to function properly. Feeling tired is its way of telling you that you need to slow down. You could be fatigued because you are burning the midnight oil or they are not getting enough sleep or it could also be because your body is working overtime to make sure the toxins do not make space for themselves.

Maybe your thyroid isn’t functioning at its prime or your blood iron level is low, more reasons like these could be why you are not at your best energy level. Being tired is also one of the common things that we tend to overlook it and not read into too much. However, if you find yourself beat even after a normal day of activity, you need to pay attention and consult a doctor.

You have chapped lips

If you find yourself reaching out for a lip balm frequently, then you need to pause and think that you could be doing something wrong. Lips are a sign of the health and hydration levels of our body. If our bodies are not hydrated, then the effect is seen on the lips. Chapped lips tell you that you need to increase your water intake.

They are a clear sign that you are not drinking up as much water as you should. Other signs that your body isn’t getting the amount of water as per its needs are dry skin, dark yellow colored urine, and even headaches. So, next time before popping a pill to stop the throbbing pain, make sure you are drinking enough liquids. Apart from water, herbal teas and fruits can help you stay hydrated too.

You are burping too much

In some cultures, a loud and long burp is considered a sign of appreciation for the cook. While that may be as it is, frequent burps are a sign that not all is well in your stomach. Frequent burping after a meal result is a sign that your stomach is finding it difficult to digest the food you have just had.

The stomach has natural stomach acid which helps it break down the food and digest it too. The food you have had is sitting on your stomach wall and along with it is the air that you have naturally taken in while eating. Being pushed out via the digestive tract and coming out via the esophagus, these are the only two ways that this air finds its way out. The more you burp means the longer your food is loitering in your stomach. Take digestive enzymes so that the stomach gets some outside help to function naturally.

The four listed above are really common symptoms that are seen even in the fittest of us. This post isn’t to induce panic, but to make sure that you are not turning a blind eye towards these signs. These problems identified at the bud are easier to cure and you can lead a happy and healthy life too. Anyway, all it takes is a little more consciousness from you, which is not much to stay healthy, is it?