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The Principles of A Biological Dentist



There was a time when people did not wish to use alternative medicine for addressing and treating their health issues. However, when people started discovering the side effects and dangers posed by conventional medicine, the idea of a different approach began to gain popularity amongst the masses.

This approach is becoming preferable because it a natural and healthier option that can also render the desired results. The tenets of traditional dentistry have been implemented for a long time, but their risks are scaring people off. The concept of a holistic dentist San Diego, on the other hand, is flourishing and appealing to all health-conscious people.

The holistic approach is also referred to as the biological approach and believes in the use of non-toxic restorative material for dental care. It also considers the effects of dental toxins and infections on the entire health of individuals.

These dentists believe that there can be far-reaching consequences of the use of toxic or allergy-producing filling materials, infections, cavities, and misalignment of the teeth and jaw and root canals. Individual tooth sites share a connection with specific meridians, organs, and vertebrae levels. A dentist San Diego considers this fact when rendering treatment to certify that oral health is achieved.

The principles of the holistic approach indicate that no drugs should be used for the purpose of dental treatment. This form of dentistry aims to achieve the health of the entire body by utilizing non-toxic and natural materials during dental care and treatment.

This form of treatment is preferred by people because it believes that all health conditions are linked together. Different areas of concern are addressed by a holistic dentist. This includes treatment procedures like root canal and the use of mercury in silver fillings or amalgam fillings. The holistic approach replaces these fillings with non-toxic fillings like tooth color fillings etc.

Conventional dentistry performs various invasive treatments and it needs anesthetics or drugs for this purpose. However, holistic dentistry can avoid this issue by using hypnosis for the same purpose. The patients will not be feeling any pain that’s part of the procedures and will still be awake.

Anesthetics can have side effects, but hypnosis does not. Moreover, in order to make the treatment as easy as possible, a biological dentist San Diego also uses different homeopathic remedies. Some of these remedies like foxglove can relieve the stress of the patients and help them in relaxing.

Furthermore, a dentist following the holistic path will also make use of aromatherapy when entailing dental treatment. In this procedure, patients inhale various plant oils that soothe the system and promote hormonal balance. Apart from that, holistic dentists also believe in altering the lifestyle and diet of patients for treating their dental issues.

Therefore, they may offer advice regarding their nutrition in order to ensure that the teeth are getting the right nutrition to remain strong and healthy. An unbalanced diet can cause cavities, plaque and periodontal disease, and this fact is conveyed to the patients by a San Diego holistic dentist.