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How Holistic Dentistry Is Better for Your Health



How holistic dentistry is better for your health

Going to the dentist is an important step in staying healthy that everyone must take. From the time that you begin to grow teeth as a child, going to the dentist is crucially important to make sure that your teeth and gums are clean, straight, and infection-free.

However, while the dentist may be very necessary, there are many concerns that may come from going to a normal dentist’s office.

Any normal dentist certainly understands the practice, what needs to be done and will be able to treat your dental issues accordingly. But for some dentists, their practice only deals with teeth and oral health, nothing more.

Not so with holistic dentistry. A holistic dentist looks at the patient as a person with dental needs that may be connected to other lifestyle or health matters. Here are a few ways in which holistic dentistry is better for your health.

Not in Isolation

When you go for a routine check-up, a traditional dentist focuses only on your teeth: how clean they are, oral health, and if any other procedures need to be done. Going to the dentist seems like a separate entity entirely from going to a general practitioner. This is one way in which a holistic dentist differs from a regular dentist.

In holistic dentistry, the mouth is considered in relation to the entire body. A holistic dentist will look at the health of your entire body and how that may be affecting your oral health. They believe that poor health in one part of the body may in turn cause poor oral health and vice versa.

For this reason, the entire lifestyle and patient’s habits must be examined and treated in order to achieve optimum oral health. By having this all-encompassing approach to dentistry, more than just your oral health may be improved when you go to the dentist.

Avoid Toxins

The goal of dentistry is to make sure that patients leave with a better, brighter smile. However, to achieve this objective, a traditional dentist uses a variety of chemicals that are not natural to the human body. One of the most common examples of this is mercury-amalgam fillings.

Getting a tooth filled is a very common practice. However, many amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is incredibly hazardous to the human body. The mercury from these fillings can leak into other parts of the human body and cause a wide array of other problems. A holistic dentist practitioner will not use these harmful mercury-amalgam fillings.

They also strive to use other, more natural chemicals for a variety of their procedures. These natural chemicals will be more easily accepted by the human body and are less likely to have an adverse effect. By avoiding these fillings and other toxic materials that are more commonly used by traditional dentists, holistic dentists do not compromise the health of your body for the aesthetic of your mouth.


Traditional dentists are incredibly effective when it comes to achieving the desired effect. They know exactly what to do, what chemicals to use, and what the outcome should look like.

However, just because the dentist knows does not entail that you, the patient, are aware. A lack of understanding of what is happening in your mouth can be potentially harmful. This lack of understanding might suggest an inability to be proactive about your own health in both your mouth and the rest of your body.

A holistic dentist helps to ensure that you have a comprehensive knowledge of what is happening to you at any time. They will discuss your oral health with you and might even provide information that can be found in easily understandable formats online on websites such as

By allowing the patient to be as informed as possible, a holistic dentist is able to make sure that they are doing what is right for the patient. After all, the main objective of holistic dentistry is to keep the patient as healthy, informed, and happy as possible.