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Plastic Surgery Horror Stories



As the old adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, some men and women are not satisfied with their natural appearance—and choose to go under the knife. Most experts agree that to ensure optimal results in plastic surgery, choosing a medical professional that is skilled and experienced in the procedure in question is a must.

Those who are not satisfied with the results of their treatment, and believe that the physician may be to blame, should consult with experts in medical malpractice in their area.

Breast Gap

Perhaps one of the most well-known plastic surgery horror stories from the past several years has been the dreaded “breast gap,” as evidenced by Tori Spelling. While many critics blame the large space between Spelling’s breasts on her surgeon, it is more likely caused by a genetic factor.

In fact, a wide and largely depressed sternum is believed to be behind Spelling’s now well-known plastic surgery blunder. Individuals who are considering going from a small to a larger breast size should evaluate this structural feature before going under the knife.

Excessive Scarring

Excessive scarring is another plastic surgery horror story that plagues hundreds of men and women who pursue cosmetic treatment each year. While some individuals believe that the likelihood of scar development is based on the skill of the surgeon, this isn’t necessarily the case—in fact, most experts agree that patient genetics plays the most crucial role in scarring severity.

Those who have dark skin tones, such as African Americans, Hispanics, and Indians may be most likely to suffer from severe scarring. In addition, those who have a heightened immune system may also experience moderate to severe cases of scarring, which can often negate any positive changes from the surgery in question.


Infection is a risk during any surgery—regardless if it is a medical necessity or simply a cosmetic choice. While infections that are caught early will likely not be life-threatening, this is not always the case. In fact, 2007 saw the demise of Donda West, mother of Kanye West, as the rest of the infection following extensive amounts of cosmetic surgery. Even those who do not experience the most severe consequences of infection follow plastic surgery may develop scarring, increased skin sensitivity, or other unwanted side effects.

“Plastic” Appearance

Most men and women would agree that the purpose of plastic surgery is to improve one’s looks. And while plastic surgery can produce beneficial results—when done properly—many people take it over the top.

Experts agree that when a patient receives multiple cosmetic procedures on the safe part of their body, the result will often be an unnatural and even unflattering appearance. Unfortunately, the more surgeries performed on a region of a body, the more difficult to obtain a pleasing, natural look. Some professionals believe that those who seek cosmetic procedures on a regular basis may be suffering from a form of body dysmorphia, and may require psychological treatment.