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What are the Aging Effects and What Cosmetic Treatments to Choose



What are the aging effects and what cosmetic treatments to choose

As a natural process, our facial appearances change as we age, but some tend to look much younger than their age, while some others look older than they are. Balance and facial symmetry are the keys to remain looking youthful. Those who are not born with these features choose cosmetic surgery. Even though numerous factors make us look old, we all try to look young as long as possible.

Knowing Your Face: The Balance

Our face is divided into three areas: upper, middle, and lower face. The facial balance refers to the positive harmony among these three areas, which consequently makes our face look young and fresh. But the problem is these parts age differently. This is why we sometimes have laugh lines of an older adult while the forehead skin remains tight and shiny. Cosmetic surgeries or facial rejuvenation treatments help greatly in maintaining that perfect harmony.

The Aging Process: What Happens Inside and Outside

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Of course, aging makes your face look different, but that does not mean it is just an outside effect. All four layers (skin, soft tissue, muscle, and bone) are affected by the aging process. Do you know why the deep circles around our eyes form? It happens due to the loss of bone. And the wrinkles are the consequences of using our facial muscles since we were born. Aging also makes our face muscles less elastic and consequently makes our brow descent and form the bulge under eyes.

Loss of volume contributes to the more define Accordion lines and less defined cheekbones.

We also lose the jaw-line definition due to the loss of bones. The combined loss of bones and muscle elasticity gives the appearance of jowls. The corners of our mouth also start, so descent, and chin dimples appear due to repeated use of muscles.

Aging: Controlled With Cosmetic Treatments

Environmental factors, sun damage, smoking are all responsible for hastening the aging process. The effects they cause are like loss of texture and tone, skin pigmentation, etc. People contact a cosmetician mainly for problems like forehead lines, crow’s feet, brow, frown lines, and bunny lines. Since wrinkles and lost volume cause them, they can be treated with cosmetic surgery, muscle relaxants, and derma fillers.

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The common mid-face issues are tear throughs, skin pigmentation, and nasolabial folds. The lower face is more affected by the loss of lip volume and jawline definition, lip lines, and accordion lines. All these mid and lower face issues can also be treated with derma and volumizing fillers.

For almost two decades, muscle relaxants are very popular as an effective method of reducing and preventing wrinkles. Sometimes people confuse derma fillers with volumizing fillers, but they are quite different. Derma fillers are used to increase skin elasticity and to fill in discrete areas and the lips, whereas volumizing fillers are used to restore larger portions of the face like cheeks and jawlines. Botulinum injection a.k.a. botox  is also an option

What You Need is Unique

Your facial requirements are different from the one sitting next to you. A clinician can help you realize what kind of treatment is suitable for your face and skin. He/she will tell you which one you need; cosmeceuticals, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or laser/IPL. Also, always remember your body needs to be well hydrated no matter what your age is.