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Safe and Effective Cosmetic Procedures



Fast fixes, instant effortless results, and absolute answers are the idealistic goal for solutions to any problem. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of medicine. That is how the miracle cure phrase was coined and why every new advance is presented as the perfect panacea to every problem in the introduction. Then reality sets in and it is clear that many things have benefits in some situations and for some people but none are the best solutions to all.

In all medical solutions there are two underlying things to be considered- Is it safe and does it work. This is particularly true of cosmetic concerns. Safety takes on a much higher relevance in cosmetic concerns because the plain truth is that while fine lines and wrinkles are not visually appealing, anything short of skin cancer is also not really a crisis. This means the balance between safety and effectiveness shifts far toward the safe side of the scale in most situations. The good news is, that though none of the solutions are the dream of miracle cure-all have merit to some people in some situations.


Virtually all topical creams fall under the category of moisturizers. The use of many natural moisturizers can help reduce or hide wrinkles and fine lines. Anything that adds moisture and elasticity to the skin will offer some benefit. Any commercially approved product is likely to be safe (this may exclude some mail order only type products that make wild claims and no independent studies can be found to support – these typically are only around a few months and then disappear). All-natural, herbal solutions have proven merit over the long term as well such as honey and chamomile recipes. These products have results and short of an allergy that is very safe. They will not have a dramatic instant effect but if used very regularly will yield benefits.

Cosmetic Procedures

There are 3 non-surgical procedures commonly used. All have very fast effects and the effectiveness of having a result is not deniable. There are sometimes questions if the result attained is in fact a good result or benefit, however. The common office type professional procedures are botox injections, chemical peels, and sometimes dermabrasion (though realistically this is in reality a surgical process).

Botox is actually a naturally occurring substance that can be used to reduce wrinkles. The results typically last for about 3 months. How effective depends in large part on the skill of the clinic. Places like the Melior Clinics London have documented results for many years, while some places simply do as a sideline and have far less track record to show. It is safe for the vast majority of people and since the effects wear off in a few months any long term issues are of less concern.

Chemical Peels are effective and yield longer-lasting results but require greater time for both effects and satisfactory recovery. It allows for removing superficial scarring and blemishes but does require aftercare and involves more risk. The balance is that it can treat things that botox cannot (scars and blemishes as well as fine lines).

Dermabrasion is usually reserved to remove significant scarring or repair previous problems. It requires highly skilled cosmetic surgeons and though it does not use a scalpel it is considered an invasive procedure. Pain and recovery are significantly greater but, once again, the balance is it can achieve results other methods cannot. Risk of permanently altered appearance and infection is much higher.

Always balance the risks and needed or desired results with the method you choose. Remember, you can start with the relatively safe and easy and try that to see if you achieve the result you want before going to a higher-risk method of treatment. A consultation with a true professional should be to give you information to help you decide, and not be just a sales pitch.