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Holistic Ways to Stay Drug Free After Treatment



After completing a drug treatment program, your goal is no longer getting through the first steps of recovery. You want to stay drug-free for the rest of your life. That means you need to find ways to fight the cravings or situations that tempt you to abuse drugs. Holistic solutions can help after you get through treatment and get back to living your life.

Meditate Each Day

Meditation is used in holistic healing to help improve the health of your mind and emotions. It also benefits you by helping reduce your stress levels.

Take at least five to ten minutes each morning to sit in a quiet location and meditate. If you struggle to free your mind of thoughts, then use a candle, flower, or similar item to act as a focus. Look at the item and notice every detail about it. For example, if you select a rose, then look at each petal. Notice areas where the petals overlap and look at the thorns on the stem.

A focus helps you clear your mind of thoughts that are causing stress, tempting you to abuse drugs, or otherwise making it hard to focus. Meditation does not necessarily mean that you are trying to empty your mind of thoughts, but rather than you are giving your mind a break so that you can put the thoughts into perspective.

Eat a Healthy Diet

After getting through treatment, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Holistic solutions focus on your entire body, not just your mind.

A healthy diet focuses on balancing different food groups. Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. If you are a vegetarian, then focus on eating more beans and legumes to get enough protein in your diet.

Although eating healthy is a key part of fighting addiction, you may need to take supplements as well. A multi-vitamin is a good choice because it will help fill any nutrient gaps that are missed on a particular day. If your doctor recommends a specific vitamin, then take it as directed by your doctor.

Include Spirituality in your Lifestyle

Whether you have a specific religious belief or you are currently undecided about faith and religion, it is still important to put some effort into spirituality. If you do not have a spiritual belief system, then meditation might be enough for your needs.

If you follow a specific religion, then take the time to go to church, a synagogue, or a temple each week. Set aside a specific time to talk to your religious leaders and ask for spiritual guidance if you find that you are starting to flounder or struggle with specific ideas or concepts.

Enjoy Yoga

Exercise is as important to your physical health and overall well-being as eating a healthy diet and keeping your stress levels as low as possible. When you want to fight the temptation to abuse drugs or alcohol, yoga is a useful tool.

Yoga allows you to use gentle stretches and movements if you have not exercised for a while or if your physical health does not allow strenuous exercise. If you need more rigorous exercise, then you can use a variation on yoga that is faster and requires more effort. The versatility of the exercise and the focus on flexibility as well as strength makes yoga particularly helpful if you want holistic solutions to prevent a relapse.

Staying drug-free after completing a treatment program can incorporate holistic solutions that help reduce your stress and build up your self-confidence. By incorporating meditation, yoga, a healthy diet plan, and spirituality into your daily routine, you will have the tools to fight against the temptation to abuse drugs in the future.