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Feet Hurt? You Might Need To Get Orthodics



Foot injuries and discomforts can be debilitating for athletes. Anyone who needs a lot of production from their feet for their everyday hobbies and duties probably experiences pain. Minor troubles are not causes to get orthotics. These particular implants that go into your shoes are great for supporting the arches of your feet in a way that regular shoes can’t. The heels of the feet also quickly become aggravated by athletic events, especially when athletes strike their heels to the ground a lot. Basketball players, football players, soccer players, and even hockey players routinely have foot problems due to the nature of their sports.

Conditions for Foot Supports

Custom foot supports help people who experience several conditions due to their feet. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation and weakening of the soft muscle tissue on the bottom of the feet. Tim Duncan, a professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs, is a well-known sufferer of plantar fasciitis. He has to take cortisone steroid injections due to his size and the amount of damage he causes to his muscle tissue. He also wears custom foot supports in his shoes to help him perform better in games.

Plantar fasciitis also affects people who spend a lot of time on their feet, such as nurses, restaurant workers, construction workers, and other professions. Lower leg tendonitis, also known as shin splints, also affects many athletes from a wide range of backgrounds. The biomechanical inadequacies in your running technique can often cause overuse injuries like shin splints. If you’re a runner who experiences foot and lower leg pains, you should at least consider getting custom orthotics for your shoes.

Getting Acclimated with Foot Supports

Once you know that you need custom foot supports in your shoes, you will probably want to know how they will affect your future running performances. Getting used to the differences in your shoe structure will take time. Instead of trying to wear them all the time right away, you should only wear the custom shoe supports for an hour each day for the first few weeks.

You’ll need the supports during the activities that cause you the most discomfort, but you’ll have to do this gradually. If you’re a runner, you could try to run for a few more minutes each day in the shoes with the supports. You’ll then need to switch to the other shoes that don’t have the supports. Your feet need time to get used to different feelings and cushions that they will come into contact with.

Knee Pain

People who experience knee pain might also benefit from getting orthotics in their shoes. Runner’s knee is a joint discomfort experienced by people who put a lot of stress on their lower bodies. Swollen knees cause as many problems as aching feet for athletes, and maybe more. Taking care of your needs and feet with custom foot-supporting materials will go a long way toward ensuring your comfort and safety. Decide today about your footwear needs and take the steps you need to take to protect yourself.