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Simple Solutions for Weight Control in San Antonio



Simple solutions for weight control in san antonio

Whether you’ve tried every trendy diet around or are simply taking stock of your health as you’ve realized you’re not getting any younger, there are as many possible solutions to your weight woes as there are causes of weight gain.

The most important thing for all of us to understand from the outset is that weight gain is complicated, and seeking help to find a workable solution is a great start toward resolving your issues before chronic conditions can develop.

Avoiding weight gain

About half of the people in America are trying to lose weight at any given time– and Texans are no exception. If you are in the midst of assessing your health and considering finding a weight loss clinic San Antonio has plenty of options.

But many are hesitant to dive right in and seek professional help, so, here are a few tried-and-true things to consider in your self-assessment:

  • Keep a food diary: it’s as simple as it sounds and no fancy diary is required, simply take any old notebook and jot down everything you eat and drink throughout the day for a given period. Most experts recommend keeping a food log for at least two weeks to get a fair assessment of what your eating patterns are;
  • Use a fitness tracker: again, these don’t have to be fancy name-brand devices, a simple pedometer will do. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of walking at a purposeful pace each week to help prevent weight gain;
  • Get back to basics: eat your daily meals at regular times, never skip breakfast, and avoid snacking on foods that are heavily processed or high in sugar; and,
  • Drink wisely: cut back on alcohol, and increase the amount of plain old water you drink throughout the day.

Boosting weight loss

For many people, simply keeping the pounds from piling on isn’t enough – they’re looking for ways to shed pounds with little-to-no effort. The truth is, weight loss isn’t a journey with many shortcuts. However, there are simple changes you can make to help bolster your chances of successful weight loss that lasts. Some of these are:

  • Increase your activity: while having a fitness tracker and hitting that all-important 10,000 step goal daily is a great way to be sure you’re keeping active and avoiding weight gain, to lose weight you’re going to have to kick those walks into high gear, walk faster and further;
  • Make better choices: sometimes it’s a salad over a steak, the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking to the corner store instead of driving to the supermarket. Other days, it’s simply saying no to a second slice of cake;
  • Feed your muscles: aim to do strength training a couple of times each week, eat lean proteins and lower-carb food, and remind yourself that using muscle is the best way to lose your fat; but, most importantly:
  • Follow recommendations: particularly if you’ve consulted with a weight loss clinician, making the changes they recommend as part of your new lifestyle is vital to your success.

Taking control of your weight is a huge step toward a longer, healthier life. By making small changes along the way, you’re more able to adapt your lifestyle to a healthy one, forestalling weight gain and achieving a healthy weight once and for all.

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