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What To Do Before And After A Reverse Vasectomy



A reverse vasectomy involves rejoining of the vas deferens, the tubes that transport the sperm to the penis. And before the rejoining, comes the credit card swiping, i.e., you have to first pay up any balance due to the hospital. Jokes aside, here’s a list of pre-operative and post-operative things you will be required to do:

Reverse Vasectomy Pre-Operative Formalities

  1. You will be required to consult your surgeon to resolve any questions. You also will be asked to sign consent forms.
  2. The doctor may offer you a sedative so that you can relax before the surgery.
  3. A reversal procedure can take up to three hours and you will be required to pass the time by watching movies on a tablet or reading books. So, you should bring your entertainment along.
  4. You should not take any medicine that contains aspirin or ibuprofen for one week prior to the procedure. That’s because such pills increase the chance of bleeding during the surgery. Consult your surgeon for substitutes.
  5. Take all your everyday pills in the morning, but don’t take blood thinners.
  6. Shave the pubic region before the surgery. All the hair under the scrotum must be shaved off along with all the hair that lies one inch above the penis. You must wash the region with antibacterial soap before the surgery.
  7. Do not take lots of fluid in the procedure-morning. Ask your surgeon for fluid-intake suggestions.
  8. Eat a light breakfast if the procedure is in the morning. If it is scheduled for the afternoon, have your regular breakfast.
  9. The procedure can take up to three hours and you will not be given any restroom breaks for obvious reasons. So, visit the restroom before the procedure.
  10. Carry tight underwear (no boxers please) or a jockstrap.

Vasectomy Reversal Post-Operative Formalities

  1. You will have to take painkillers after the procedure and will experience discomfort on the first day. The discomfort will gradually wear off over the next 3-5 days. You may be required to take Ibuprofen (in addition to the painkillers) every 6 hours until the pain vanishes.
  2. You need antibiotics after the procedure and therefore will have to fill up a prescription.
  3. Your scrotum (and up to the penis shaft) may be bruised and inflamed after the procedure, and this is normal.
  4. If you feel feverish or experience significant pain, or other symptoms, you should immediately contact your surgeon.
  5. You should not take a bath for one week after the surgery.
  6. You should not work out for three weeks. Also, no sex for two weeks. Other “don’ts” depend on your occupation and therefore you should consult your surgeon.
  7. If your partner does not get pregnant in 4 months, you should contact the surgeon for a semen test.

To Sum Up

A vasectomy reversal is a simple enough process, but you must take adequate precautions. You also must be very careful for one month after the procedure. The best thing to do is to consult your surgeon and make a checklist based on the inputs stated above.