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The Importance Of Finding The Best Frozen Shoulder Expert Available



Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a medical condition that causes pain and lack of mobility in one’s shoulder joints due to the buildup of scar tissue that prevents the shoulder bone from moving within the socket.

While age, gender, traumatic injuries, endocrine disorders, or other systemic conditions have been linked to the cause of frozen shoulder, it most often occurs with no recollection of any associated injury to the affected shoulder. For this reason, this condition is often misunderstood by the medical community, making it extremely important to find a clinic with a physician who specializes in frozen shoulder treatments instead of just any clinic where a misdiagnosis may occur.

The first symptom most patients with frozen shoulder will recognize is moderate to severe pain in their shoulder joints upon movement of the shoulder. For some patients, the pain is worse at night time, which can cause them to develop an irregular sleep pattern.

As a frozen shoulder progresses, mobility of the shoulder will become even stiffer over time. Unlike other conditions that are not yet commonplace in the medical community, the frozen shoulder has many treatment options, including non-surgical procedures. In fact, there are specialized treatments that will show results immediately, without having to undergo long term therapies.

In 2002, Dr. Oolo Austin developed a treatment that was appropriately named the Oolo-Austin Trigenics Frozen shoulder treatment procedure. Based on the patients he has treated since its conception in 2002, it has shown a very high success rate and is showing favorable results when compared to other treatments all over the world. This procedure is a non-surgical capsular dissection which involves patient interaction with the physician. The physician uses specialized techniques that involve interacting with the patient through various methods in order to mobilize the shoulder. At the same time, the extra scar tissue inside the shoulder joint is removed by the physician, fixing the source of the problem.

Throughout the procedure, patients are placed into very specific positions and instructed to move in different ways with varying degrees of resistance, depending on which part of the shoulder is being worked on by the physician. As far as frozen shoulder treatments go, Dr. Oolo Austin’s innovative procedure often results in the patient being able to leave the clinic just one hour after entering and undergoing the procedure. With the innovation of the Oolo-Austin Trigenics Frozen Shoulder treatment procedure, patients can feel a sense of hope, knowing that relief is just around the corner.