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Flea Bites: The Symptoms And Immediate Treatments



Fleas bite millions of people each day, inflicting itchy swollen welts that can make anyone very uncomfortable. Sometimes, you make a mistake of identifying these bites and assume that they are mosquito or ant bites. When you wrongly identify these bites, you end up mistreating the bites and sometimes make it difficult to prevent such incidents in the future. It is essential to remember that fleas can transmit diseases so you must make an effort to identify them and apply treatments immediately. Aside from identification and treatment, eradication is also a priority so contact a pest control professional to have your house treated.

The Symptoms OF Flea Bites

Although fleas primarily feed on the blood of animals such as your pet dog or cat, they can also feed on your blood. They can jump onto you from your pet or infested furniture and bite you. When they do bite, you will usually find their bites in the areas around your waist, ankles, armpits, elbow bends and knee bends. Fleas have a strong jaw that can puncture your skin and moderate to severe reactions can occur within hours of getting bitten.

You can identify fleabites when you experience:

  • Swelling
  • Hives
  • Itchiness on a localized area
  • Itchiness all over your body
  • Rashes
  • Tiny puncture in the middle of the bump
  • Small hard bumps that may bleed or simply itch
  • Blanching of the bitten area of the skin

Flea Bite Treatments

Flea bites can really make people very uncomfortable considering the itchiness and the rashes that may develop on the skin. For some people, the rashes may be localized, but for those with sensitive skin or suffering from allergic reactions, the rashes can spread throughout the body. When you experience such symptoms, you must have the bites treated to have them heal quickly.

  1. Use cool water and mild soap to clean the bitten area, and then pat it dry with a clean towel
  2. Apply an ice pack to the bitten area for relief
  3. Do not scratch the wound no matter how itchy it may be as it can only make matters worse and cause an infection
  4. If severe allergic reactions occur such as intense itching, you can take Benadryl or another antihistamine
  5. Hydrocortisone cream or other over the counter creams can be applied to relieve itching and reduce the swelling

Stop Fleas From Biting You

Aside from having the flea bites treated, you must have the fleas eliminated from your home completely. If you have pets, then those fleas probably got into your home by hitching rides and thriving on your pet. So, have your pet treated with a flea shampoo or have a vet prescribe a suitable treatment. Once that is being done, you can have a pest control professional inspect your home and treat it for fleas. Though you can apply your own pest control methods in your home, sometimes professional pest control methods are best especially if your pet has the liberty to roam around your home and if you have kids present. After you have applied the necessary treatments, you must have all linens, clothes and other beddings washed and dried in high temperatures to kill off any fleas and their eggs.