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How to Reduce the Swelling after Undergoing Rhinoplasty?



The whole process of reshaping the nose is termed as Rhinoplasty by the medical fraternity. The other and more common name of this procedure is a nose job and is generally performed for straightening an unbalanced nose, or for removing an unwanted bump.

Such a procedure should be used only when there is some issue with the nose after an accident. After Rhinoplasty, it generally takes some time (more like 10 days to 6 weeks in some cases) for the patient to be cured completely. For reducing swelling and ensuring the patient recuperates properly, here are the top 10 steps that should be followed:

Steps to follow

  1.  It is very important to keep the head of the patient in an elevated position for the first few days. If possible the patient can sleep in a recliner while the head can be reclined by using multiple pillows. Also, it is important for the patient to not bend his or her head as that might cause trouble. The head should always be kept straight up.
  2.  The patient should control his or her emotions. It is understandable that the person who has gone through the operation will feel a bit tensed but then maintaining a cool demeanor is very important. Any kind of angry outburst or emotion can alleviate the problem.
  3.  One should apply lightweight ice bags or a pack of frozen peas on the nose.
  4.  While sneezing, make sure the mouth is open; any kind of pressure on the nose area might make the stitches pop out which can lead to the unnatural setting of the nose cartilage. It’s best to use a humidifier in the patient’s room in order to keep the moisture content intact in the air.
  5.  Before setting out, make sure the patient applies a generous quantity of sunscreen on the nose area as that would prevent and save the patient from any kind of sunburn.
  6.  Till the time the nose area is not properly healed, it’s best to stay away from any kind of alcoholic drink.
  7.  The patient should be asked to walk as soon as possible, especially once the operation is done. Walking is important as that will maintain a good flow of blood in the body, thus preventing any kind of blood clotting.
  8.  No matter how irritated you feel, do not remove the nasal tape or the splints that have been placed by the doctor. They have been provided there for a reason and they would help the patient in recovering faster.
  9.  It’s advisable to eat foods low on sodium; before taking any kind of medicines, one should consult the surgeon.  Make the surgeon understand if you have any kind of antipathies, etc.
  10.  Stay away from anti-inflammatory drugs for at least a week after the surgery has been performed on your nose.


It is clear that getting a Rhinoplasty is no big deal but then the recuperating process can be smooth only if the necessary precautions are taken and the above steps are followed strictly.