Five Reasons to Run Five Days a Week

If you think that the only motivation you have for jogging around the park or hitting the treadmill is because it helps you burn that extra calories you acquired in some bar the night before, there are actually a boatload of other benefits that you derive from jogging or running on a daily basis. But just to entice you to get the dust off of your running shoes and make this exercise a regular thing, here are five reasons:

1. Running is cardioprotective and strengthens your lungs.

If there are two organ systems which will certainly appreciate you running every day, it would have to be the cardiac and respiratory systems. Whenever you do any cardio exercise which includes jogging or running, the heart pumps faster in order to meet the increased oxygen demand of your body. Increased blood flow means a commensurate increase in the delivery of oxygen to muscles by oxygenated blood. For as long you have no pre-existing cardiac problems, this entire phenomenon should be beneficial to your heart and lungs.

2. Running keeps you from aging prematurely.

According to studies, premature aging has become linked to sedentary lifestyle while increased activity has been positively correlated with longevity. A study conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine has revealed that older individuals who are known to be runners are not only plagued with a lesser number of disabilities but also live longer than individuals who weren’t avid joggers or runners. Running can actually add up to 20 years to your life.

3. Running helps you to build muscles.

Individuals who run daily are known to have lesser body fat and are more muscular. This is because almost every muscle of your body is developed whenever you run or jog most especially your legs. Because of the nature of this exercise, you may be shedding your excess fat to reveal a more toned body without even noticing it.

4. Running contributes to proper bone development.

Whenever you run, you are making use of your bones which actually helps to strengthen them as well as your joints. Osteoporosis, a disease which leads to brittle bones that are prone to damage, is prevented with proper and regular exercise. Running is one of the recommended exercises for warding off the onset of this bone disease.

5. Running is an effective way to release stress.

Is work bringing you down? Do you need a serious pick-me-up? Running may dramatically improve your mood. This is because of the release of endorphins that exercise stimulates. This happy hormone is related to serotonin, or the feel good hormone. Equivalent to the feeling you get when you eat a whole bar of chocolate, running lifts up your mood while allowing you to burn calories at the same time rather than devouring it.

The writer, Jamie Press, worked as fitness instructor for 15 years. He gives valuable advice on fitness equipment such as the use of treadmills.

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