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A Guide To Various Methods For Drug Treatment And Rehabilitation



Drug addiction is a terrible disorder but it can be treated. The drug rehabilitation centers provide various treatment methods that can help an addict return to a normal, healthy, and productive life. Though the treatment methods at the various rehab centers are tailored depending on the individual need of an addict they still provide general medicine as well as behavioral therapies.

Medications help to suppress withdrawal symptoms, drug effects, and craving. Behavioral therapies include counseling, psychotherapy, and support groups and are usually for the purpose of long term treatment. They help the patients to heal mentally so that they can return to normal life again.

There are different types of treatment methods for drug abuse. Residential therapy, drug-free outpatient therapy, and medication therapy are short-term methods. Long term treatment refers to methadone maintenance outpatient treatment for opiate addicts and also residential therapeutic community treatment. In the drug rehabilitation method for methadone addiction, the addict has prescribed a controlled methadone hydrochloride dose, a synthetic opiate for stopping the drug effects, especially heroin. It results in a state of stable mind that further helps to avoid a relapse.

Outpatient drug-free treatment is another method for drug rehabilitation. There is no such medication involved in this treatment but based on different individual and group counseling programs for those addicts who visit the clinics almost regularly. This method of treatment is usually for those drug addicts other than an opiate.

Therapeutic communities refer to programs where patients live in a residence known as rehabilitation centers for a period of 6 to 12 months. This form of treatment is suitable for patients who have a long drug addiction history, impaired social performance, and criminal activities. Therapeutic communities help a patient to return to a crime and a drug-free lifestyle.

Although drug addiction is treated by counseling and medication, faith and spirituality have a very important role to play in drug rehabilitation. In religious and spiritual rehabilitation, the addicts motivate themselves towards a positive life based on the principle of one’s religion.

Inpatient Drug Treatment

During the drug rehabilitation treatment process carried out in an inpatient drug rehab, the addict has to stay in a particular place under supervision for a designated period time. It is usually long or short term depending on the situation and needs of the addict. Although it is possible to carry out inpatient therapy in a hospital, a residential setting is preferred as it provides more hours for care or supervision every week.

The therapeutic community is a very common method of inpatient treatment. This is a very demanding process and most patients find it difficult to cope up with it. But the results are rewarding and that is why it is mostly preferred.