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Can Drug Addiction be Treated? If Yes, How?



Can drug addiction be treated? if yes, how?

Drug and alcohol addiction are actually one and the same disease. It is not so much a matter of what drug is used as much as it is the reactions, behavior, and genetic responses while under the influence. Some people can handle social drinking and even recreational drug use without needing to continue it.

The difference between those people and an addict is that the addict cannot stop and cannot control the compulsion. Full physical addiction eventually results.

Addiction is a Treatable Disease

The good news is drug addiction is indeed treatable, especially with holistic methods along with tried and true practices such as 12-step meetings. On the other hand, it is important to realize that drug addiction is not a curable condition. When one seeks out treatment and achieves recovery, it will be a life-long practice to stay clean.

Initially, treatment consists of the critical period. A number of medical conditions and deficiencies could have accumulated during the history of drug use. If so, a brief medical hospital stay will be necessary to detox a person while building their system back up.

After this, the addict is either released into the world again or, preferably, into a drug addiction recovery center. With prolonged treatment in such a center, the chances for success are much greater than relying on support groups alone. It has become clear this step is essential for the best potential of success.

Types of Treatments

As stated, addiction treatment is a multi-step process that requires the holistic coordination of very precise methods tailored for each individual. The first step is the medical care needed for detox. Without this, the withdrawal is so intense, the addict cannot avoid relapse and, in some cases, sudden withdrawal can be fatal.

After this, find help for an addict at Ambrosia Treatment Center and treatment will be continued from there. With such treatment, psychological counseling and group counseling along with patient education and individual therapy, create the best possibilities for recovery.

There are some other methods for treatment and they are a bit more obscure yet still intended to be used in follow-up with an inpatient stay at a good treatment center. Insurance companies recognize drug addiction as a legitimate disease and they do offer varying degrees of coverage.

One such treatment is a fast withdrawal under anesthesia. This only takes a matter of hours to get a patient fully detoxified from the drugs in question, so they will not go into withdrawal. However, the availability of the drugs and the behavioral tendencies are still there.

Other Treatments and Conclusion

With the various alternatives to the most established addiction recovery treatments, it is still best to stay with what is tried and true, using the resources we already have explored to improve addict recovery.