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Signs Of Pain For Breast Procedure Patients



Many women undergo medical procedures for various reasons. This includes operations involving breasts, which can be a stressful experience. In the recent past, there have been complaints of pain following some of these procedures.

Because of this, there here has been a recent study done on whether women suffer from severe pain after undergoing various breast procedures, including those for breast cancer. According to the study, if a woman already suffers from other aches and pains such as arthritis, lower back pain, or migraines, they are up to three times as likely to suffer from severe pain post-surgery. These women also claimed that movement caused more pain than when at rest.

Another aspect of this is a psychological state. If a patient had more confidence that there would be little to no pain after the procedure, that person would be less likely to suffer from severe pain. This is an interesting find since women tend to receive similar treatment pre and post-operation in most circumstances.

The study mentioned above took place in Scotland, with 388 women participating. They filled out a detailed questionnaire before surgery and afterward. This questionnaire included past health issues, any current pain, and what their feelings were about surgery. A week later, a follow-up questionnaire took place, where the patients were asked if they had any pain, if so to what extent, and whether or not they had taken pain killers.

What this study has found is that it may be possible to determine beforehand whether a woman undergoing a breast operation will suffer from severe pain. This is important in many ways. First off, if it is likely the patient will suffer pain; the medical staff can act accordingly and give them either pain killers or offer treatment after the procedure.

Also, having severe pain can alter plans for the patient’s rehab. If they are suffering from intense pain, it may be likely that they will miss important post-op appointments with a physician. These sessions are very important, and patients can lose valuable information that can lead to complications. In many cases, there may need to be special exercises for patients after surgery, so if the pain is unbearable, they will be forced to miss doing those as well.

In the end, this study shows how knowing the medical background and her expectations before surgery, precautions can be made to make her experience a positive one. The less time she has to spend recovering, the sooner she can get on with her life.