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A Guide To Medical Fundraising For Individuals



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It’s one thing for a non-profit organization or a company to do medical fundraising. It’s quite another for an individual to manage everything. However, you can still do it, if you follow the guidelines below.

Meet and Plan

Set up a planning meeting with your family, friends, and immediate neighbors. Find out who’s willing to help out. Create a theme for the fundraiser. Determine how much you need to raise and how much time you have. Take suggestions from everyone.

Assign Roles And Responsibilities

Set roles and responsibilities for each willing member. Take into account how many hours per week each person can devote. Put some people towards managing your fundraising page, some people to do social media updates, and so on.

Create An Event

Create a small event within your neighborhood – perhaps even at your local community center or church. Ask your town or city mayor for support. The event can be a bake sale or handicraft sale. Ask people to donate things they no longer need to the event, for sale.

Publicize Your Event

Contact your local radio and TV station and publicize your local event. Make sure that Ads appear on the local papers and that your pastor puts up church notices.  Post flyers on pillars and trees in your locality, with a picture of the person who’s ailing.

Look For Sponsors

Look for sponsors for your event – they can be local restaurants and marketers. Request for food and drink to be donated and make sure that the restaurants get some publicity at the event. You can ask companies to donate prizes for the raffle sale as well.

Create A Fundraising Page

Assign someone in your team to create a page on a good fundraising website. The page should be very descriptive, should contain a call to action, and should have photos and videos of the patient. Describe your cause in simple terms and ensure donors can make secure payments.

Promote Through Social Networks

Social networks like FaceBook are excellent to raise awareness of your medical crisis. Get your inner circle and supporters to spread the word on their networks too. Request all your supporters and followers to donate their Facebook status to the cause for one day.

Approach Corporates

Most corporates look for tax-deductible charities as part of their Social Responsibility endeavors. Once your online fundraising gains momentum, personally visit the local offices of large corporates and present your cause. You can make fat donations this way.

Look Up Foundations

Also, look up grants from medical foundations. For example, if you’re raising funds for a cancer patient, you could approach a cancer foundation run by powerful families. These foundations usually work with non-profits, but you can approach them.

Talk To Non-Profits

Look up non-profit organizations that support similar causes. You’ll need to approach them with a fully documented case study if you want their help. Be sure to take originals of diagnosis, bills, and every document concerning your individual medical needs.