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Five Medical Mission Projects to Follow on Social Media



While we hope that we nor our friends or family members never have to deal with any type of medical condition, this is not the reality. In fact, most of us will actually have to deal with some type of fairly serious medical condition at some point in our lives unless we have superhuman genetics and stay in perfect shape. We have found five medical missions that all stand for great causes and their social media pages are fun and informative to follow.


This foundation was founded by Lance Armstrong, a professional bike racer. Armstrong battled testicular cancer in 1996, but he made a successful return to the sport of bike racing. His foundation is based around raising funds for cancer research and recovery. Their social-media pages share interesting stories of people who have been helped by the foundation.


This foundation was founded to give children who are suffering from a life-threatening illness a chance to achieve their dream. Some children have an opportunity to meet their hero, such as a professional athlete, through this foundation. By following their social media pages, you can find information on how you can support the foundation, and they also keep you updated on recent causes they have supported.

March of Dimes

When we plan on adding a kid to our family, we hope that the child is born without health issues and that the mother also ensures a healthy pregnancy. The March of Dimes foundation works to raise money for keeping mothers and their newborns healthy before and after birth. Their social-media pages keep you up-to-date on some pretty emotional causes they have helped.

Children’s Miracle Network

Some of us are fortunate enough to have good health insurance through our jobs, but others are not. When one of us has a child who becomes very ill or seriously injured, it is important for them to receive the optimal level of care. The Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit foundation that supports children’s hospitals and allows the hospitals’ staff to maintain the highest possible level of education in treating these injuries and illnesses.

American Cancer Society

The dreaded six-letter word that we all think we are invincible to, but sadly, most of us will deal with this or know someone else who has to. Their social media pages will provide you with some shocking statistics regarding different types of cancer. They will also suggest ways you can help fund cancer research and treatment.

While there are tons of medical missions you could follow via social media, these are five of the most interesting. We hope you become a ‘fan’ or ‘follower’ of each of these foundations, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed when you check their pages out.