5 Ways to Loose Belly Fat

Is someone else’s flat tummy giving you complexes? Is your belly bulging out and making you look ugly? Are you desperately trying to fit in your old dresses and looking slim and fit? If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, then you need to seriously think to shape up your body by shedding those extra kilos. Weight loss is one of the most common problems faced by people now-a-days. It is found that a majority of obese people have fat accumulated around their waistline or belly. As such they tend to skip meals willingly, take supplements or do exercises. You may also be doing all these but not getting effective results. The key to a healthy body sans any abdominal fat is healthy lifestyle .

You might be desperately trying to loose your abdominal fat and get back into shape. But you should remember that there is no magical way of loosing fat. You have to follow a strict routine to get rid of that unnecessary fat. Don’t you worry; we are here to help you. We provide here some effective ways through which those ‘spare tires’ can go away slowly. Follow these 5 ways to loose belly fat and bring back your confidence:

  • Eating right: It is not about ‘eating’ but about ‘eating right’ that will stop your waistline from expanding. Taking breakfast around the same time each day, taking more protein and high fiber foods and including whole grains instead of refined grains are the best options. Try to avoid trans fans; rather go for mono-unsaturated fats that help preventing the accumulation of abdominal fat. Don’t skip meals at all; switch to 5-6 meals a day instead of sticking three meals. Try to take small portions so that your hunger is satisfied, and not your cravings.
  • Choosing the right work-out regime: Work-out or exercise does not mean spending hours in gym. Some simple steps like going for a quick walk in your office after lunch or during tea- time, taking stairs instead of elevators, etc. can make a big difference. Combined with all these, it is really necessary to do proper exercise for 60-70 minutes a day. Cardio along with resistance training can really do wonders.
  • Power nap: Apart from sleeping for 7-8 hours a day, you must try to take some power nap while you are working. It does not mean that you will sleep; you can close your eyes for two minutes and breathe in and out slowly to get rid of work pressure. Tension, stress and workload also tend to increase your weight. Stay relaxed and stay fit!
  • Be positive: Loosing belly fat is not an impossible task. This fat is metabolically active and so easy to loose. You need to understand the way your body works and plan your activity accordingly. Staying motivated is one of the best ways that will give you positive energy to achieve your goals.
  • Measuring your achievements: Make a regular habit of measuring your waist to hip ratio. You can divide the circumference of your waist by the circumference of your hip to know whether you are loosing tummy fat or not. Taking regular measurements will help you know your progress.

After knowing these 5 ways to loose belly fat, you can plan a healthy lifestyle for yourself and achieve your body-shaping goals. Try to educate yourself regarding the health-risks associated with this fat. So get ready to stay fit and look good without those extra tires.

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