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Cosmetic Surgery Secrets That Doctors Usually Hide From Their Patients



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Cosmetic surgery has its secrets. Just because the end result is satisfactory, doesn’t mean the process is not complex. We live in a world of appearances, a world where perfection must be achieved. Surgeons are willing to go to extreme lengths to satisfy the needs of the customer, and often times their best-kept secrets cannot be revealed to the patient.

A lot of patients want cosmetic surgery because they want to get rid of their ‘flaws’. Still, in numerous cases, the doctor won’t tell you everything you need to know about a certain procedure. When it comes to plastic surgery, you might want to know that doctors have secrets; secrets that they tend to hide from their patients.

Non-invasive procedures: are they really non-invasive?

Cosmetic procedures come in two types: non-invasive and surgery. The patient is usually informed about both of them; however, numerous times the doctors omit to tell patients that both interventions are equally dangerous. Just because a cosmetic procedure doesn’t involve an operation on the body, this doesn’t mean it’s harmless.

Cosmetic surgeons won’t tell you what’s cheaper

A person who wants to have cosmetic surgery doesn’t look at the money. The laser treatment represents a pretty expensive procedure which features prices ranging from $2000 to $3000. During the procedure, the top layer of your skin is rematerialized and after this, it is made tighter. The good aspect of laser treatment is that you won’t have to deal with nasty side effects which could affect your life. On the other hand, if you want to have a more complex treatment, you’re free to do that as cosmetic surgeons won’t insist on the fact that some are cheaper while others are pricier.

How long does a plastic intervention last?

That’s probably one of the most common questions a patient asks his/her doctor. Of course, it depends on the procedure. Liposuction, for example, can last for a lifetime if you watch your diet, eat healthy, and exercise. Still, when it comes to the face, harmless interventions like Botox injections are not permanent. Plastic surgeons have the tendency to hide the truth when it comes to Botox. They all say it’s not risky, and still, there have been cases when Botox injections have proven extremely dangerous.

Am I beautiful or not?

Plastic surgery is a well-paid job because it’s usually based on a lie. A plastic surgeon will never tell you that you’re perfect because he will risk losing you as a client. Beauty is overrated these days, and women want to achieve perfection even if they’re already perfect. Numerous times the flaws we see in our bodies are not flaws at all. A surgeon will never tell you that you don’t need that Botox injection in your lips because you’ll probably leave and head over to another physician.

Cosmetic surgeons lie about their experience

Every cosmetic surgeon wants to make patients feel safe. Hence, in order to do that the physician will usually state that he is the best in the field, that he has years of experience, and so on. Not all patients have the patience to check credentials, and that’s a huge mistake. Before putting your life in the hands of a rookie surgeon, you might want to get informed first.


Plastic surgery is expensive, whether you choose to have your double chin removed or you want to have a liposuction. And although a surgeon will tell you that an intervention is $2,000, the cost is always higher. Sure, a certain procedure might cost $1,000 but the after treatment will probably cost you double the intervention. We’re not talking here about Botox injections because they’re non-invasive; we’re talking about major operations such as breast implants and other surgeries that involve hospitalization.

No one says that cosmetic surgeries can’t help you look good, but have you considered the risks? All surgeries engage serious dangers, even though your doctor might hide this from you. And this is a normal thing since implants and all sorts of foreign materials will be inserted into your body. There might be numerous happy ending stories, but there are also numerous horror-story situations of cosmetic procedures. The most awful side effects involve everlasting scars, mutilation, as well as the need for many reconstructive procedures.