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Is Facial Cosmetic Surgery Safe And Reliable?



Many people are critical of their appearances and striving to change them in order to increase their self-esteem. Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more popular every day, and new technologies and procedures are making it easier for people to obtain plastic surgeries as well.

Despite all of today’s modern technology, some people still wonder if facial cosmetic surgeries are safe and reliable. According to modern studies, facial cosmetic surgeries are quite safe. The mortality rates for these types of procedures are extremely low. However, no procedure is entirely risk-free. There are a few key points that people should remember when they are considering having facial cosmetic surgery. These can help reduce the possibility of side effects during or after surgery.


People considering facial cosmetic surgery should be in good overall health. This is especially important if they are considering having same-day surgery where they go home the same day their procedure is performed. Before surgeries patients are required to provide full medical history disclosing any illnesses and prior surgeries they’ve had, any allergies they have, any medications or use of drugs or alcohol, and even the use of oral contraceptives.

Some surgeries might require special instructions prior to the procedures such as cessation of smoking or the cessation of taking certain medications that could increase the risk of abdominal bleeding. Patients are also sometimes asked not to eat or drink within a specified time frame prior to surgery. Being in optimum health and following all surgeon instructions can help reduce the risk involved with facial cosmetic surgery.

Selecting a Surgeon

Perhaps the most important step involved in having facial cosmetic surgery is selecting the surgeon who’s going to perform the procedure. People should ensure that the surgeon they select is a board-certified surgeon. It is also a good idea to have consultations with several surgeons before selecting one.

Get the opinions of numerous surgeons, and conduct research on each to review their services. Ideal surgeons will have completed at least five years of surgical training and are trained in all areas of plastic surgery procedures. They should also operate only in accredited medical facilities, adhere to a strict code of ethics, and fulfill the requirements to demonstrate continuing education. People should strive to select a surgeon that they feel they can trust and one that they feel comfortable with.

In summary, facial cosmetic surgery is considered to be a relatively low-risk surgery. Moreover, there are measures people can take to ensure a safe recovery from the procedure.