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Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures



The popularity of cosmetic surgery has risen as more people are becoming aware of its benefits. The improvements in medical technology allow surgeons to perform certain surgeries, that previously were impossible or fatal. Nowadays, people who are concerned about their appearances or body weight can decide to use cosmetic surgery to get back their confidence and make them slimmer. There are several types of cosmetic surgery as you can see below.

Women who are concerned about the size or shape of their breasts can opt for augmentation surgery. This type of surgery will enhance the appearance of the breasts by making them smaller, bigger, or fuller. The process involves implants being inserted into the breast to achieve the desired look. Some of the common implants use saline and silicone shells. The saline implants use shells filled with sterilized salt water and placed underneath the breasts, whereas silicone shells use gel.

Men and women who have tried several unsuccessful weight loss programs can try liposuction. This procedure involves the removal of excess body fat from areas such as the waist, buttocks, abdomen, chin, thighs, hips, upper arms, and neck. The patient will be placed under general anesthesia and the surgeon will perform one of the several methods available.  Some of these methods include the use of ultrasound or suction equipment. The procedure involves the surgeon making a small incision, and then a small tube is used to get rid of the unwanted fat.

Individuals who want to improve their appearance frequently opt for a facelift, as it can improve the look of a face that has been damaged either by illness, accidents, or aging. The procedure gets rid of wrinkles and sagging skin around the eye and mouth. During this procedure, the surgeon pulls the skin with the aim of tightening it and therefore making it smooth. This procedure has minor side effects such as patients might experience swelling and numbness of the face. However, these side effects disappear after a week or two.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure with the aim to flatten the stomach and reshape the abdomen by removing excess weight. This procedure is usually preferred by women who as a result of pregnancy have gained weight. The surgery tightens the outer and inner abdomen and results in a much flatter and fat-free stomach. This procedure can also be done by men.