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Most Unusual Yet Popular Cosmetic Surgeries



Nowadays,  plastic surgery is one of the main streams in the beauty industry, nothing surprises doctors or observers any longer. Sometimes surgery is the only way to fix an injury or a defect but sometimes it is going over the tops. People say that plastic surgery is addictive and many patients never stop on one procedure coming back for more.

Getting virginity back is probably not a surprising procedure anymore. However, there is another interesting surgery called hymenoplasty which is basically re-shaping women’s outer lip to improve G-spot sensation.

If intimate body parts do not require any work to be done, eyes can now be changed permanently, the color to be precise. Intraocular implants are designed for it. The surgery involves a lot of risks and initially was meant to be performed for people having problems with their sight. However as it often happens in the business world, this procedure has been adjusted by a beauty industry offering permanent color change for anyone who does not want to deal with contacts.

For some women, it might be not an issue but many ladies master their perfection at any age. Earlobe reduction or enhancement is another popular procedure that is questioned by many. Ear lobes get longer as you age but carry on wearing heavy earrings. Injectable fillers, such as Juvaderm or Radiesse, can give an immediate rejuvenation effect to the earlobes that may last as long as a year.

Many people are trying to get rid of fat by approaching different cosmetic surgeries. While they are fighting extra fat in their bodies, others are injecting it in their bums. Buttock implants are made of fat, removed from other body parts, and used to make bums rounder.

Nipple removal is another unusual and yet popular cosmetic procedure. For any extreme body modification enthusiasts’ nipple removal is one of the most popular plastic procedures. Although the surgery is painful, bloody, and useless the interest is growing and especially male patients keep coming back for more.

For many people, plastic surgery is a part of their life character. Some people want to look like a Barbie doll and others like Vampires. The beauty industry is always here to meet the demand offering appropriate services. Vampire teeth implants require pulling out the original teeth and getting fake implants surgically inserted into the gums.

Some people really struggle living without a twin brother or a sister that gets Look-Alike plastic surgery which is basically comprehensive cosmetic surgery for anyone really wanting to look alike their best friend.

No matter how ridiculous each new surgery we think is, the beauty industry continues to surprise us every day; now even offering pet’s plastic surgery.