Worried About your Heath – Engage in Coolsculpting and Shed of the Unwanted Fats

Coolsculpting is the procedure that will effectively and quickly help you shed stubborn fat and cease worrying about your health. That stubborn fat around your belly, thighs and arms can now be eliminated without having to exercise or diet through coolsculpting, which targets only the fat cells. This is a fairly new fat reduction procedure that is non-surgical, reliable and safe. It has proven to reduce fat deposits by between 20% and 40% in the area targeted for treatment.

The following are the advantages you enjoy from engaging in coolsculpting:

  • No needles, no suction hoses, no anesthetics

During the procedure, there are no anesthetics or needles used. An applicator that emits temperatures that are high enough to solidify liquid fat is used for the delivery of a precise cooling effect on the area of the body that is targeted. The cooling effect affects the underlying fat and not the surface skin tissue. When the fat cells are exposed to the extremely cold temperature, they instantly start decreasing in size, eventually disappearing altogether. This is the result of apoptosis, which is a natural process of cell death. You, therefore, lose your unwanted fat without undergoing the long healing periods associated with other procedures for fat reduction.

  • Short procedure and recovery time

This non-surgical fat removal procedure takes place within a span of a few hours, leaving you free to get back to your usual routine directly. Each procedure is completed within one hour, which means that you can squeeze the appointment into your lunchtime schedule if you lead a busy lifestyle. The only sensation you experience is a little tagging. This means that you can have the procedure carried out multiple times if you are not satisfied with a single treatment. You only have to wait for about thirty days between procedures.

  • Long-term effects

After the procedure, real effects are seen after a few months without any use of supplements or pills. The results remain stable for a long time, as long as your normal exercise regime and diet are maintained.

  • A more natural solution to fat reduction

Coolsculpting is unlike other procedures, which use surgery, sonic waves or laser for fat removal and end up destroying other body tissues. With this procedure, there is no shattering, burning or extraction of any cells. As a result, your body requires no downtime to heal. With the applicator literary freezing the fat cells to elimination point, there follows the death of these crystallized cells and their disposal from the body. You notice reduction of body fat after just one visit and in a number of months, your shape is good enough for you to fit into any clothes you prefer.

  • Safety

The coolsculpting procedure has the same results as those of liposuction, but with none of the cuts and invasions associated with liposuction. For this reason, it is known as non-invasive liposuction. The doctor uses the applicator without have to carry out any incisions or entering your body in any way and this eliminates the risk of infections. You, therefore, lose weight without having to shed blood or suffer any side effects.

Coolsculpting can help you lose unwanted weight at a less cost than liposuction. However, you may want to change your lifestyle if you are obese, including the diet and exercising, as this procedure only gets rid of a bit of fat at a time. You simply get a short-cut to refining your figure.

Jolie Fulton writes articles and blogs on aesthetic medicine, which includes medical, surgical and non-surgical services. His topics cover medicine, plastic surgery, laser treatments, facial fillers, esthetician services, injection treatments and non-invasive treatments such as Amalgam Removal.

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