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What Are The Possible Side Effects of NRTs?



Because nicotine addiction is so intense, the withdrawal process can present with several unpleasant side effects. Side effects are usually the worst in people who are heavy smokers or those who have smoked for a long time. Using an electronic cigarette gives you full control over how much nicotine you want to use, and you do not need a doctor’s prescription to do it. It may also save you from some of the unpleasant side effects that can occur when using NRTs.

One of the most discreet ways to give the body controlled doses of nicotine is through chewing gum because your digestive system processes the nicotine. However, you may be affected by side effects like hiccups, nausea, excess salivation, and gastric acidity.

Patches provide nicotine transdermally, but for some people, they may present with specific side effects like itchiness or a rash, dizziness, sleep problems, and some people have even experienced nightmares when using them.

For quick-acting relief of nicotine cravings, nasal sprays may be able to save you from lighting up. But they too carry their risk of side effects and users should be prepared to deal with the possibility of red, watery eyes, nasal congestion or a runny nose, sneezing and even a possible worsening of respiratory problems like coughing, a scratchy throat, and issues with your sense of smell.

Inhalers are another alternative that smokers may find beneficial because it emulates the act of smoking. These may cause problems like coughing, a dry or itchy throat, and wheezing if the person has a respiratory disease. If you want to be able to experience the act of smoking, according to the reviews of electronic cigarettes we’ve read, these devices give you a safer, healthier substitute. There are no known side effects, and you can also decide to forego the nicotine before you even start if you are serious about quitting.

Because electronic cigarettes are rechargeable, they are more cost-effective than smoking and cheaper than smoking cessation drugs and aids. You also have the opportunity to shop according to your budget, and you do not have to worry about a prescription or not following the rules of NRTs. If you are tempted to smoke an e-cig, it will not affect your process of quitting as you do not have to use any nicotine in your body, and you don’t have to worry about being one of those statistics where people almost do it but smoke on their first day and mess the whole process up.