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Get the Most out of Your Home Laser Treatment



When you make the decision to try home laser treatment, there are several things that you will have to learn. You will need to learn to operate the laser and how to gauge when the treatment is working, as well as other factors. In order to get the most of your home laser treatment, there are certain rules and guidelines you should follow. Here are some tips to help you with your treatment.

Do Not Wax or Tweeze for at Least Six Weeks

You do not want to engage in tweezing or waxing for a period of at least six weeks leading up to you trying out home laser treatment. The reason behind this logic is simple: waxing and tweezing remove the hair by the root, often taking the follicle with them. When this happens, there is nothing for the laser to treat and treatment is likely to be ineffective. If you have tried laser therapy and found that it did not work for you, this may be a reason why.

It’s not as Painful as you Might Think!

Granted, home laser treatment is less painful than tweezing or waxing, but there still is a degree of discomfort that is associated with the treatment. You can expect to feel light zaps or little twinges on your skin. If it is unbearable, you are probably doing it incorrectly and should seek further guidance on how to use it properly.

Always try the treatment on a small area first before attacking larger surface areas. This will allow you to not only get used to the treatment but also to see how your skin will react to the home laser treatment device that you have chosen. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience more of a reaction than someone who does not have sensitive skin.

Don’t Do Anything You’re Not Completely Sure About!

Home laser treatment is a completely safe and hugely beneficial method of reducing your hair growth, on a permanent basis. The Tria Laser Hair Removal Device is the only clinically proven, professional-grade, and hand-held laser available in the UK. Eight out of ten professionals would recommend this product and method of hair removal – but that doesn’t mean you should approach the treatment without an element of caution

This particular hair removal product is as good as those available in salons throughout the country; so this is professional industry-standard gear that should be handled with extreme care. It is strongly advised that you thoroughly acquaint yourself with the product, the functionality, and the treatment process before beginning to use laser hair removal.

Familiarise Yourself with the Tools

The most important part of gaining benefit from the home laser treatment device is to learn how to use it properly. This means reading those instructions and yes, we know how pesky that can be. Be thorough and don’t be afraid to even read them twice if you have to. Because you are working with a laser, you want to ensure that you don’t subject yourself to risk unnecessarily. There are usually special instructions, which not only show you how to use the product but also how often to use it; as well as explaining the general functions.

Select the Right Tool for Your Skin Tone

Different skin tones require different types of lasers. Knowing which tools are the right fit for your skin tone will make all of the difference in your treatment. There are special lasers designed for those with darker skin, where before lasers were deemed to be ineffective on dark skin.

Preparing yourself ahead of time will give you the best results when you do your own home laser treatment.

Home laser treatment devices have become increasingly popular for those who wish to reduce hair growth permanently. Preparing yourself ahead of time will ensure that you give yourself the best chances for effective treatment.