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Tips For Back Acne Treatment



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Acne is not only a problem which can affect the face, but in many cases, other parts of the body will be affected and inflamed by this unpleasant condition, one of which is the so-called back acne or “bacne”, so here are some tips for back acne treatment you might want to know.

About 60% of the people with more severe acne have back acne as well. Just like with facial acne, the causes of back acne are blocked follicles (with dead skin and bacteria)  of the sebaceous glands of the skin on the back, which cause the acne breakouts.

Back acne treatment with medicaments

First of all, in many cases, back acne treatment is much more difficult than facial acne, so you will want to be patient and persistent when treating this unpleasant and in many cases uncomfortable and painful skin condition.

Since back acne is generally more difficult to treat and can cause some serious inflammations, lesions, and scarring, it is recommended that you consult with a dermatologist for the best back acne treatment for yourself.

For milder cases of back acne, a good treatment will include using an acne body wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or resorcinol, which you should use on a daily basis when showering.  It is important to apply the body wash gently so as not to further irritate the inflamed parts of your skin and cause further damage or scarring.  In case the over the counter acne body washes show little or no results, then your dermatologist might prescribe some more concentrated benzoyl peroxide-based products, such as cleansers or lotions, which generally are taken better by the back than the face, where the skin is more gentle.

These products for back acne treatment should be applied to the parts of the skin affected by acne several times a day.  Other medications to apply to acne-affected skin of the back are some other topical antibiotic products, which should generally be applied after washing and cleansing the area several times a day as well.  The idea of topical antibiotic products is that they actually help fight off the bacteria, which cause the inflammations.

In some cases, topical medications with zinc or tea tree oil have been found to have a soothing effect on people suffering from back acne.

In other cases, the dermatologist will prescribe some oral back acne treatment medications as well, which again are antibiotics that fight the inflammation and the bacteria causing these annoying and painful breakouts of back acne. Depending on your case, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic, such as tetracycline, doxycycline, amoxicillin, or other, and will assign you a schedule for taking them.

Other additional tips for back acne treatment

Some useful back acne treatment tips to help the medication and to alleviate the acne outbreaks include showering regularly, especially after physical exercise or in warm weather, because sweat can further irritate the acne breakout.  Wearing tight clothes, straps, bags, and accessories, which will cause friction in the affected area should also be avoided.  Wear loose fit clothes made of natural materials, which will allow the skin to breathe and not create any friction with the affected areas.

It is common sense to refrain from scratching, popping, or picking the pimples and lesions, because as with all other types of acne, this will cause only further inflammation and could lead to scarring.

Another tip for back acne treatment is staying away from the harmful UV light of the sun and tanning beds.

Washing the affected areas should be done regularly but without too much pressure and any aggressive scrubbing involved, rather you should use a mild soap and wash the skin gently in order to avoid further irritation and scarring.

Of course, if you suffer from acne, you should be very careful when choosing the skin products you use as well, and avoid the overly oily ones and others which might actually worsen the inflammation of the skin on the back.

In order to get some professional cleansing of the skin of the back, you should probably go to a dermatologist or SPA to get a professional back “facial” treatment.

Some home remedies which are said to help soothe back acne include mint, aloe vera, vinegar, and lemon juice, but there has not been any medical proof that they can be a successful back acne treatment.