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Teenage Hormonal Acne: Causes and Treatments



The teenage years are the most exciting but critical stage of life, as growth hormones at this stage are rapidly working. So many physical changes take place, and the one thing teens have to deal with continually is the growth of acne.

Causes of Common Hormonal Acne Problems in Teenagers

Acne in adolescents is primarily associated with hormonal imbalances. So many factors can lead to its development, such as pressures from doing well in school, pressures from peers and family, and finding one’s identity. This is also a stage when adolescents become particular with what they eat, but they don’t exactly know what’s right for them. This is a time when they grow more conscious of their body image, and yet remain clueless on how to care for it best. All these factors, including other unhealthy lifestyle habits teenagers, follow, lead to hormonal imbalance that can trigger acne breakouts.

Environmentally, the use of different beauty products this early can also lead to breakouts, especially since teenagers still have no clue on what works best for their skin.

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In some cases, genetics have a lot to do with acne breakouts as well, and coupled with a hormonal imbalance, the result of it can not be outstanding.

What to Do

As adolescents develop acne, they also produce low self-esteem, as they see think their appearance is unsightly. Common hormonal acne problems in teenagers are sometimes coupled by several symptoms associated with a hormonal imbalance. These include fatigue, depression, mood swings, aggression, and, sometimes, being withdrawn.

Adolescents should not be advised to use anti-acne creams as these may lead to further imbalance. Instead, they should undergo hormonal saliva tests to determine the extent of their condition. If confirmed, they are to take hormone replacements or precursors for this to be corrected.

Some adolescents who have conditions that may trigger the imbalance, such as a tumor that secretes hormones, are usually subjected to surgery, depending on their physician’s analysis of the situation.

Prevention of hormonal imbalance to prevent breakouts is still the best form of treatment of hormonal acne. Measures include:



    • using beauty products that do not contain chemicals
    • drinking adequate fluids
    • avoiding alcohol or the smoking of cigarettes
    • regular exercises

Adolescence is in the transition stage, faced with so many stressors and so many feelings that change from time to time. Having acne could add to the elevated level of stress being experienced by these teenagers. So, it is best that acne is prevented simply by having the hormones at normal levels.

With teenagers, hormonal acne conditions may grow the worst and cause severe breakouts that affect self-image and self-esteem. This can be managed and treated if done right by doing preventive measures.