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Jobs That Are More Stressful On Your Body than Your Mind



Most adults have come to terms that to eat, survive, and provide for a family, they must work. While some adults remain indifferent to their job title and or performance level, others take their positions seriously by going to extreme lengths to secure their careers.

Todays’ world is full of technology, and jobs are created left and right to meet the high demands brought on by Internet sales and marketing. Although the Internet has become the go-to tool for most, is has inadvertently caused an issue that could seriously affect the health of workers everywhere. Office jobs, jobs that require a lot of standing, and commuting duties can be some of the most detrimental careers for your health.

It’s been proven that computers don’t affect your eyesight, despite what most people think. Rather the lighting that causes the most issues. Dim light is usually the culprit for eye discomfort in an office space. Headaches, dry eyes, and eye strain mostly revolve around bad lighting and will typically go away once the eyes have rested. While these issues aren’t proven to cause any permanent damage, they are nonetheless bothersome when trying to complete your workload. Taking brief breaks from the computer screen is recommended for eyesight relief, per

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Retail jobs, or any job that requires countless hours of standing, have the potential to cause back pain. When you stand for an extended period, your muscles tend to tighten, which causes discomfort. Wearing the proper shoe and practicing good posture can alleviate some of the pain experienced during work hours because each step you take sends a shockwave through your body. The shockwaves can be damaging when improper posture and the wrong shoe are involved. Your feet support your entire body and should be fit, especially to you, to ensure good health all around.

Commuting by bus, train or car is more popular today than ever. Over two million people commute into New York City daily for work-related reasons. The outskirts of major cities like New York have become inundated with people who want to be close to their jobs, but not in the city.

The traveling, though, does take a toll on the average commuter. According to, long commutes are said to increase stress, bring on fatigue along with neck and back pain. Traffic in New York is one of the worst, and people stuck in rush hour in any state usually experience tension in the neck and shoulders. To relieve back pain when traveling from New York, keep your neck and back relaxed and maintain a good driving posture.

Having a job may be inevitable for the responsible adult, but even the most competent of adults doesn’t want to cause themselves bodily harm while building a career. Some of America’s best jobs require sitting in front of a computer screen, standing, and even commuting. Keep yourself educated on how to prevent back pain, and don’t let your job jeopardize your health.