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How To Beat The “Down Economy” Blues



When the economy is down, depression among the citizens of that system rises. Money can become scarce and bills could go unpaid. Jobs are lost and sometimes homes are taken. Some may find that two jobs are needed to make ends meet. Budgeting for entertainment and other miscellaneous luxuries may not be an option for a while. Life, in general, may feel as though it has become more difficult. This creates stress and stress can lead to destructive or constructive behavior.

The Bad Effects Of A Stressful Economy

Due to a stressful economy, destructive behaviors come from a sense of hopelessness and/or a survival of the fittest mentality. There is usually a surge in mental health issues which leads to the use of pharmaceutical drugs that could cause adverse effects.

Crimes of theft and homicide rise while drinking and drug abuse rises with it. There are higher risks of those driving under the influence which would cause further financial stress when retaining a DUI lawyer in Pennsylvania or whichever state the offense occurred. This and other costly destructive behaviors could and, in some cases, can be avoided.

The first thing to remember is that the economy will rebound. It has before and it will again. Concentrate on how to make the most of this type of situation and not on how bad things may be. Try not to allow depression to stagnate the creative ability to survive through innovation. A poor economy can actually prove to be a good opportunity.

Use This Time To Enjoy A Hobby

Because there may be less money for entertainment, use this free time to re-explore and enjoy a hobby or two; maybe, even, learn a new one. If there are things that may have piqued interest, such as, learning how to paint, decorate cakes, or train for a marathon; now is the time to chase after these dreams.

By filling downtime with something that, not only, brings enjoyment but fulfillment as well could prove to be a needed distraction from worrying about the personal effects of the down economy or a viable business.

Plant A Garden

Land space to plant a garden is not always necessary. The hot new trend nowadays is a container garden. This eliminates the stress of finding land space, clearing the land of all hindrances, and tilling the ground to soften for planting. This would call for possibly a substantial financial investment in tools and equipment.

Whereas a container garden is a great place to start to determine if gardening is an interest because the investment could be significantly lower. Start by researching what grows best in a container, if planting food versus plants and flowers. See what you may have lying around to use as containers, buy the seeds and soil; then, try it out. For some, gardening is quite relaxing and fulfilling.

Get In Shape

Use this time to improve your health. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Go to the local park and use the basketball or tennis court. Take out and ride that bike that has been collecting dust. Not only will the fresh air and exercise improve health, but it will also improve the mood and point of view. While getting in shape, it could afford the prospect to meet and network with others that could spawn new opportunities.

Research Your Family Tree

The Internet has provided many things to modern society, but one of its biggest contributions has been to family history research. The ability to research ancestors around the world, connect with long lost relatives and discover family history has never been easier. There are many free websites that have information to research and make family connections.

Start Your Home Based Business

Rediscovering a hobby or uncovering a new talent could reveal a way of making some extra money or creating a business around it. Offering music lessons, or teaching art, or even making specialty baked goods could help supplement current income. Child care services, health care, apartment property management, to name a few, are economic recession and depression proof.

Go Back To School

While jobs are limited and promotions may be frozen as companies try to keep their employees employed, this is an optimal time to go back to school. Many take the time to enhance the knowledge base for current job or expertise or prepare for another career altogether. There are plenty of grants and scholarships if time is taken to seek these out. Financial aid has never been easier to receive.

Glass half empty or glass half full? It is all about how a bad economy is seen. Its fundamental effects on its citizens are depressing. However, it does not have to be repressive. Create an opportunity or opportunities to enjoy life and seek out new possibilities. Yes, a poor economy can make things hard financially, but it can also open up many prospects that may have otherwise not been discovered. Many have lost jobs and homes and have created businesses carving out a new pathway of success.