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Say Goodbye To Neck And Back Pain With The Perfect Chair



Most people will be subject to debilitating neck and back pain throughout their adult working lives.  Modern working practices determine that we sit for extended periods of time, usually hunched over a desk or in a driving seat, and thus habitually assume an incorrect posture.  Over time ailments develop, and people cast around for remedies and solutions to their orthopedic and muscular problems.

That’s not when people should first be thinking about the perfect chair – but it’s when they finally come round to the concept of it.

Simply put, the perfect chair encourages correct posture whilst sitting.  Not only must you be comfortable, surprisingly, and counter-intuitively, a seat pan that slants slightly forward, no backrest, and the correct height is all you need to ensure a posture which is kind to your back and neck muscles.

There are plenty of chairs, swivel, gas-operated office chairs available on the market today offering ergonomic qualities to enhance posture.  Many of them don’t deliver on this, and may even have a negative impact on your back in the long term.  That is why it is important to choose correctly.

The correct chair will be an investment if you will.  Used as part of an overall strategy to limit the possibility of developing problems in the future (such as screen height at eye level, keep mouse close, avoid phone strain with a headset, etc), anyone sitting at a desk can enjoy sitting comfortably and safely.

The posture you need…

Studies show that a forward-slanting seat reduces the pull of muscles in your back to keep you straight, and helps you to breathe easier.  Fewer headaches and neck pain results as the head are not bent over so much.  It also puts your knees below your hips, whilst pushing your hips up a little.  No backrest ensures that you do not lean back or slouch in the chair which also causes back pain problems to arise.


An ergonomically correct chair will put your mind at ease that your posture is proper.  It’s particularly useful for

–          pianists

–          receptionists

–          anyone sitting at a computer desk,

–          architectural technicians

and others who, for extended periods, sit in the exact same position.  The unnatural pull on your muscles will be gone which contributes to stress on your body, and thus the mind.

Spend Less on Fees

People usually start to think about their office and sitting arrangements when the damage has been done.  It can take months of appointments and fees with various consultants, physiotherapists, and chiropractors to aid you on the road to recovery.  Even then people may still develop chronic back pain.  By thinking ahead and adjusting their posture accordingly, not only is physical pain circumvented – but also the pain of spending hard-earned cash on professional fees!

Finding the ideal chair for you may take a little customizing, but it can be achieved at a low cost compared to the potentially damaging effects of a chair that causes you to assume an incorrect posture.