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Effective And Easy Natural Remedies For You Heart Burns And Acid Reflux



People suffering from acid reflux experience heartburns as well. This is indeed a very painful and discomforting experience when it happens. Most often than not, pharmaceutical remedies are not really that much of a help when it comes to the prevention of the illness. They are more effective for the curing part. But why stop at that when you can prevent and alleviate a disease? Here are some of the most effective home remedies that are all-natural, safe, effective, and very easy to follow as well:

Position yourself properly when asleep

Acid refluxes usually trigger when you sleep at the wrong side of your body. All you have to do is reposition yourself and keep it that way for as much as possible during your sleep. What you have to do is put at least two pillows under your head in order to position your esophagus higher than your stomach to avoid the acid from going up. Also, it has been said that sleeping on your left will less likely trigger a GERD spell.

Eat smaller meals within the day

The key to stopping the acid to regurgitate back to your esophagus is to avoid filling your stomach with too much food. So by eating smaller portions and breaking down your 3 meals into 5 or 6 smaller meals, then you will allow the food to take more time to digest in order for the next meal to have a larger space in your stomach.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant has a lot of healing wonders, and one of them is by easing up your acid reflux. You can easily pick it out from your backyard as well if you have a plant. All you have to do is skin the Aloe plant and then add some water into it.


Unlike pharmaceutical medications, taking ginger could provide almost immediate relief from the pain you have from GERD. All you have to do is take one once you feel the sensation at the pit of your stomach. Always keep it handy so you can grab one just in case you start to feel the pain.

Make your own baking soda in water concoction

Just get a glass of water and then get it mixed with 2 tablespoons of some baking soda into it. Stir it well until all the particles have dissolved, and let the person with an acid reflux spell drink it. It provides immediate relief from pain. But a patient who also has hypertension should avoid this remedy as it increases high blood pressure as well.

Raw potato juice

Actually, raw potato juice is a very good alkaline substance that neutralized the acid in your stomach. Just squeeze out the juice from organic potatoes and then mix it up with equal parts of drinking water. Drink it right away when you start to feel the regurgitating sensation. It is an immediate relief for your acid reflux.

As easy as that, you can now prevent as well as alleviate the symptoms that you feel from GERD. It’s all-natural, cost-effective, and safe. What more could you ask for?