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4 Ways To Cut Down On Excess Sodium



Salty food is yummy, yes. However, there are lots of fantastic flavor alternatives that can enhance food without taking your sodium levels through the roof. Salt is necessary for your diet, but too much of it can be detrimental to your health in a number of ways. Too much salinity in your system can lead to heart disease, among other things. Here are four ways to reduce the amount of salt you take in on a daily basis so that you can live a healthier, longer life.

Spice it Up

There are fun ways to create enjoyable things to eat without too much salt. Use a spice blend with several exciting flavors that have a low sodium level. A multi-peppercorn blend and a squeeze of lemon will zest up your salad, soup, or protein where you might tend to over-salt. Rosemary, thyme, and basil grow well in most gardens and can add beautifully organic flavors to your pantry. You can also add a little heat to your dish by throwing in some spicy peppers.


Water salinity is a common form of filtration that can add a huge amount of salt to your daily intake. New water filter technology shows that improving water quality does not have to involve potentially harmful additives. Try looking into whole-house water systems that purify the H2O for every faucet in your house. This way, you can drink delicious water without worrying about sodium issues. Since this natural resource is so crucial to your physical wellbeing, it should be pure and chemical-free.


While it is fun to eat out and enjoy time with friends, the fare at dining establishments tends to be saltier than the food you would prepare at home. More decadent foods are usually higher in fat and salt levels. Invite friends to join you at your house and grab a bottle of wine at the corner store. It is less expensive, more intimate, and more nutritious. Preparing meals for yourself will allow you to have better control over your diet and thus be more healthful. Eating also inspires creativity with food and will motivate you to expand your culinary repertoire. This is great because everyone loves a good cook.

Shop Locally

Your locally owned supermarket will usually offer products that come from nearby places. This usually means that these products undergo less processing. Since saltiness tends to be symptomatic of highly processed foods, buying local foods can contribute to your dietary health. Supporting local businesses will also help your community and reduce the number of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources that many shipping companies require to transport items. This way, you can assist your own health and the health of the planet, as well.