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5 Natural Food Alternatives To Some Of Your Favorite Recipes



Some of the best recipes also tend to be pretty unhealthy.  They taste wonderful, but you cannot eat them often because they are not providing many nutrients and could quickly add to your waistline.  The good news is that there are natural alternatives to almost everything today.  You just need to know what the alternatives are, where to find them, and how to properly incorporate them so your unhealthy dishes can become healthier, and you can then eat them more often.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This is a classic dish for millions and it is also easy to make.  However, it can pack some major calories when made the traditional way with white pasta, processed tomato sauce, and ground meat.  The first thing you want to do is swap out the white noodles for a more natural, whole wheat noodle.  These can be found at natural food stores.  You can next make your own tomato sauce.

Get some tomatoes and your favorite red sauce spices.  Put the tomatoes through the food processor until you get your desired consistency.  Next, put this in a pot to simmer and add spices to taste.  This is a very easy and natural sauce.  For the meatballs, get a ground turkey that is organically certified.  This will ensure that it does not contain hormones or other unnatural things that you are trying to avoid.

Vegetable Soup

If you have a backyard garden, then you cannot get more natural than that.  If not, or if you only have a few things growing, head to a natural food store and grab the vegetables that you want to include in your soup.  With vegetable soup, you can literally include any vegetables that you would like.  You want to slice and dice these as you prefer.  Put everything in a pot and add plenty of filtered water.  You should also add the spices that you desire.  You can find fresh herbs and natural food stores, or you can start to grow your own herb garden.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a great treat at all times of the year, but it is packed with ingredients that most people cannot pronounce.  You can make your own ice cream and milkshakes at home that pack a big punch of nutrients.

A good option is a strawberry banana frozen yogurt.  You will need organic vanilla frozen yogurt, fresh strawberries, and fresh bananas.  You want to put the fruit in the blender and blend it well until it is a creamy thick.  Then, simply stir this into the organic frozen yogurt.  You can make so make interesting flavors like chocolate raspberry, kiwi strawberry, and just about anything else.  The key is fresh fruit and organic frozen yogurt.

French Fries

Everyone loves french fries, but between the grease and salt, these become unhealthy really quickly.  A good alternative is sweet potato fries.  Even kids will like these.  You will need fresh sweet potatoes, peanut oil, and sea salt.  You will slice the sweet potatoes to your desired size, fry them in the peanut oil and then lightly season with the sea salt.  You can also bake these instead of frying for an even more natural option.

Fish Tacos

These are always healthy, but you can make them really natural, too.  First, go with a fresh-caught fish.  Salmon is a really good option.  Cook this as you like, but baking it is the best idea.  Then, you will need organic vegetables and a whole grain tortilla shell.  You can use any vegetables that you like, but you want to make sure that they are organic.  If you have a backyard garden, then this is even better to get your vegetables.