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3 Ways Tap Water Could Ruin Your Health




Water is a fundamental part of your existence. Your body is approximately 60% water, it is essential for the transference of nutrients into your cells and organs, as well as the transference of toxins out.

Water is so important that the average human can last just 3-4 days without it.

We’re not just talking about drinking a glass of water. Water is in everything, your coffee, virtually every piece of food you eat, and even your bathwater.

Of course, you assume that the water which comes out of your tap is safe to drink and bathe in. However, while the water does need to reach certain standards there are three important ways in which it could be detrimental to your health.

  1. Chemicals

Water is tested before it leaves the treatment plant. This ensures it reaches government standards. However, that doesn’t mean that all the chemicals have been eliminated. There is a limit to the number of chemicals tested for and the levels that are considered safe. In addition, chlorine and fluoride are actually added to the water.

The principle is to kill bacteria while strengthening teeth and bones. Unfortunately, recent research suggests that fluoride may be linked to an increased risk of cancer. Chlorine can cause respiratory issues, especially if you’re already allergic to other compounds.

In short, the water you drink can actually make it more likely that you’ll develop a serious illness!

  1. Mineral Content

Water collects minerals as it passes through rocks. These include calcium, lime, and even magnesium. While these minerals are generally considered to be important to human health, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

If you are on supplements, getting enough of these minerals in your diet, and absorbing them through your water, you’re getting an overload of minerals. In some cases they are simply expelled from your body, in others, they can make you seriously ill.

High mineral content also shortens appliance life, imagine what all those minerals could be doing inside your body.

  1. Heavy Metal

It’s not just minerals that water collects, it can also absorb heavy metals like zinc, copper, mercury, lead, iron, and even arsenic.

Heavy metals generally collect in your body and aren’t expelled. This means that, over time, you can experience a build-up of these metals and that can cause serious issues. Arsenic and mercury are particularly concerning as they are both types of poison, too much of them in your system will kill you.

Even the other heavy metals can accumulate and leave you feeling very ill, that’s not an experience you want!

The Solution

The simplest answer is to have a reverse osmosis filter fitted. This removes chemicals, metals, and minerals from your water supply, giving you clean, high-quality, water.

If you haven’t already got a water filter in place it’s time you considered getting one, it will actually be beneficial for your health. A whole house filter will ensure that you get all the right health benefits, regardless of which tap you use.