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Avoiding The Pain During Your Potential Active Summer



The kids are out of school and the weather is fine – that means it is time to have some fun. Staying safe while you are on the go this active summer is the key to preventing pain. Taking precautions to avoid some common injuries associated with warm weather and summer sports is the way Garden State residents can prevent a trip to the pain management doctors in NJ.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

When you and your family have been inside all winter, it is easy to forget the effect summer sun has on the body. Take plenty of fluids on the road with you to stay hydrated. The goal is to consume more water than you think you need. Thirst means you are already showing signs of dehydration.

Dress for the weather – opt for light clothing that will wick sweat. For example, cotton absorbs moisture and is not appropriate summer wear. Don’t forget that colors matter in summer. Dark shirts and shorts absorb the heat and increase body temperature. Stick to outfits that offer ventilation to let the skin breathe.

Safety Equipment is a Must

When taking part in summer sports like baseball, softball, or skateboarding, dress the part. Helmets protect the head and neck from injury. Elbow and knee protectors help reduce road rash and provide support. Include sunscreen is your list of necessary safety equipment. Nothing causes pain quite like sunburn.

Get in Summer Shape

A little conditioning goes a long way during the summer. You want your body in the best shape possible. Unless you spent all winter working out, too much activity too soon increases your risk of injury. Start the season off with walks and short sprints. Once you get summer fit, go for the low-impact exercises first. Swimming and biking are excellent conditioning activities.

Focus on training core muscles. This is especially critical if you work in an office. The human body is not designed to remain inactive for hours at a time. Get in the habit of standing and stretching throughout the day, and when you go to the gym, focus on building up the core. This will help prevent injury during the summer fun.

Learn to Fall

While you are getting in shape, spend some time practicing your fall. One of the most common causes of injury is tensing up during a fall. You can take advantage of the soft grass during the warm season. Learn to roll and avoid tensing your muscles. Practice will break you of that natural tendency to put your arms out in front to prevent the fall.

Pay Attention to Previous Injuries

This is really a matter of common sense. If you have back pain during the winter, you may further aggravate it during the summer. If you are out on a walk or run and the pain starts, it is time to quit for the day. If you have been suffering back pain, a twinge in your shoulder, or a clicking knee, see a doctor before you start your summer activities.

Summertime means outdoors for some sun and exercise. Failing to take proper precautions, however, will send you to the pain management doctors in NJ while everyone else is out playing.