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Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Core Muscles



Best exercises to strengthen your core muscles

If you want to start strengthening your core muscles, you must take the time to look into some of the different exercises that will allow you to do this. Some exercises are going to be more effective than others when it comes to helping you get in shape, but these are among the best. The more often you work out, the faster you will be able to reach your fitness goals.

Abdominal Chair Crunch

The abdominal chair crunch is one exercise that can help you with strengthening your core muscles quite a bit. You will want to start by lying on your back and putting your lower legs on a chair. Make sure that your fingers are behind your head while you point your chin upwards. You should be tightening your abdominal muscles while you are doing this movement. This exercise can be very effective at helping you get your core muscles harder and firmer.

Side Balance Crunch

The side balance crunch exercise will have you start by placing your left knee and hand on the floor, with your right arm aimed straight up. Put your right leg fully forward so that your body is going completely straight. Pull your right knee towards your upper body, making sure that your right elbow is close to your knee. Straighten out your arm and leg. You will need to do this ten times over, switching sides.

Toe Touch Crunch

The toe touch crunch involves lying on your back and reaching up to touch your toes. This is an excellent exercise for beginners, and it is a great way to get the hard, flat abs you have always wanted. This is an exercise that almost anyone can do, and it will help you to produce results if you stick with it. You will need to lie flat on the ground, put both of your legs up, bending just a little bit in the knees. This motion is very effective at working the core muscles.

Plank Hold

The plank hold exercise can also be a great way to tighten and tone your core muscles, and it too is quite simple. You will need to lie flat on the floor with your toes into the ground and your elbows straight down to the sides. Tighten up your torso and slowly lift yourself until your body is fully elevated. Your abdominal muscles must be tight throughout this motion for the exercise to work properly. Hold this position for ten seconds, and then slowly go back down to the floor in the area you started at.

When it comes to getting a tighter and firmer torso, you will need to know about some of the better exercises that will work your core muscles. These exercises can go a long way towards helping you get the kind of body you have always wanted in a short period.