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5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting A Tattoo



Tattoos have gained popularity over the past few years. In the past, a tattoo symbolized rebellion and an edgy style. However, today’s tattoos have a kinder and gentler reputation. This is because there is such a wide variety of artwork available. Also, temporary options are available for those who are squeamish about making a lifetime commitment to their new adornment. Below are 5 things that people should ask themselves prior to getting any tattoo.

1. How will a tattoo impact jobs, careers, and other social opportunities?

People considering getting tattoos should be mindful of how they could be perceived in social situations where they may not be appropriate. For instance, many employers may not take too kindly to having them displayed, believing that it reflects poorly upon the business with the public. In those cases, a temporary tattoo may be more appropriate, particularly for people who are uncertain which direction their careers may take.

2. What is the tattoo artist’s reputation?

Getting a tattoo requires allowing for an artist to get up close and personal in ways that are generally reserved for doctors. The damage that could be done by an improperly trained or negligent technician can have lifelong effects. Therefore, check the reputation of any tattoo artist being considered before arranging for services. Review BBB reports, forums, and run the name through the search engines to check on the artist’s background.

3. Is this the right image to choose from?

The image for a tattoo is an important consideration for anyone contemplating this type of body art. For instance, some symbols may be perfectly acceptable to the person getting the tattoo but could cause controversy for others. It all depends upon where the tattoo is placed and what type of lifestyle the person who bears it lives. For those who work in conservative environments, displaying any type of tattoo is often unacceptable. Of course, a temporary tattoo is a great route for anyone who is unsure, because it can be so readily and easily removed.

4. What About Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos have become quite popular because of all of the above concerns. Also, they are more hygienic since they do not involve an invasive procedure on the skin. Temporary tattoos offer flexibility and removal and replacement that permanent tattoos will never offer.

5. Where should I place the tattoo?

Once a permanent tattoo is done, there is no easy way of turning back. In fact, many tattoos cannot be removed completely even with laser surgery. Therefore, the placement of the tattoo is more essential to consider than the tattoo image itself. Should a person want to hide it, that process could be next to impossible.

Unlike clothing or other adornments and styles, a permanent tattoo is the closest to forever that most anything can get. Everyone has bought clothing that they later became disenchanted with. In those cases, it is easy to donate or discard pieces of clothing. However, when people tire of or regret a tattoo – this is a much more serious dilemma. Therefore, when choosing a tattoo, it is important to understand that styles, attitudes, and colors fade. It is critical to deeply think it through before you make the commitment to get a permanent tattoo.