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Tattoo Removal – A Step By Step Process



The only reason why someone would want to get rid of a tattoo is that they regret putting it on themselves. 1 in 8 people regret getting a tattoo. There are a lot of reasons for doing so. Tattooing your ex on your arm would be a good example. Maybe you just want to forget about the memory associated with the tattoo. Maybe your views have changed about one of your tattoos and you want to remove it for that reason. Or maybe it just looks bad. There could be multiple reasons to get rid of a tattoo. Either way, there are ways to remove them these days that provide less scarring than traditional treatments.

If you have decided to get your tattoo removed you are probably wondering how it is done. Here is a rundown on what happens.

  1. The first thing that will happen is the consultation. Basically they will ask you how old the tattoo is, they will check the size, type of skin, depth, location, and shape. Based on the findings the evaluator will determine the difficulty of the procedure and will also determine the best treatment to use. Depending on the treatment and the potential difficulty, the evaluator will determine the cost. This is also the time where any question you have should be asked and the evaluator will give you answers you are looking for.
  2. Before the process, the patient is usually given pain killers such as Tylenol. An anesthetic cream may be used. The pain during the procedure is said to be like a slap with an elastic band. Anesthesia is also an option as well, although it significantly raises the cost.
  3. Removal. Modern tattoo removal techniques involve the use of lasers. There are different lasers used for different colors of ink during the procedure. The lasers focus bursts of light onto the tattoo. The lasers reach into the skin pinpointing the ink’s pigment. The time it takes is from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the difficulty of the tattoo.
  4. After, there will be a debriefing from your doctor. You will probably have to come in for multiple sessions to get it completely removed. The Doctor will tell you how to take care of the area where the tattoo was.  If you neglect this part of the process your tattoo area may scar. The doctor will tell you to cover the area as well until healed. All in all, the area doesn’t hurt too much, pain resembles a rug burn afterward. There will be a couple more check-up consultations with the doctor at intervals your doctor will specify.

Basically what happens is that the tattoo is broken down by the lasers. Once it is broken down your own body will get rid of the rest of the tattoo for you. If you would like to know more about tattoo removal a good place to go would be to consult a place where they are removed. Usually, a dermatology firm will have answers for you.