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How To Use Latest Fitness Trends To Stay In Shape Through The Summer



Like fashion, the fitness industry sees various workout and diet fads and trends that are favored in a particular year more than the others. For 2013, we expect to see the following workout and diet trends to gain prominence.

The best workout trends for 2013

If you’re looking to enroll in a new fitness class, you may want to check out the following workout courses that are set to remain in vogue through 2013.

Cardio + Kickboxing hybrid workouts

Cardio kickboxing hybrid workouts are derived from very high-intensity kickboxing workouts and heart rate balancing cardio moves. Since it isn’t possible for most people to perform full kickboxing workouts, professionals break down the workout into a few key moves and add moves from aerobics in between to ensure that the feeling of extreme fatigue doesn’t set in and the performer’s body stays warmed up through the workout.

Yoga and dance hybrid workouts

A full yoga class may be a bit too static and rigorous for some practitioners. To amplify the effects of a yoga class, professionals use a few key asanas and poses from yoga and incorporate them within dance choreography. Doing so allows them to give the workout a lot more fluidity while enhancing the effectiveness of the dance routine.

Dance and aerobic hybrid workouts

Hybrid workouts that use moves from aerobics and more exotic dance forms like salsa, rumba, belly dance, etc. provide the practitioner with a fun way to perform a workout. These workouts are performed with high-intensity music which prevents boredom from setting in and make the performer feel like they are in a dance club and not a workout studio which adds to the fun factor of the workout. This is one of the main reasons why people are drawn towards such classes as they also make socializing fun for participants.

Fitness boot camps

Fitness boot camps are an extreme workout option that asks the practitioner to complete a grueling workout without stopping. These can be performed outdoors in natural settings like parks and jogging routes or even in specialized gyms. The basic principle behind these boot camp workouts is that they mimic the environment of the military’s fitness regimens where soldiers aren’t given the option of stopping or quitting halfway through a physical endurance course. In the same way, fitness boot camps do not allow a practitioner to give up or take a break halfway through a workout session. People doing so are penalized with extra laps, extra reps on grueling exercises like crunches and presses, and anyone who defies the rule of obeying the trainer gets chucked out of the class for good.

Best diet trends for 2013

Starving oneself into losing weight was a popular diet fad in the 1980s and 1990s. In the 2000s, the diet trends shift dramatically towards overall wellness. Here are a few major diet trends that would remain popular throughout the year.

High protein diets

Anyone who has ever hit the gym or has hired a trainer to help get fit knows the importance that professionals place on including protein in diets. The most popular diet trends this year are going to focus on improving protein intake instead of simply giving up carbs mindlessly. If you want a hard yet lean body, choose a high protein diet along with a muscle-building workout.

Morning banana-inspired diets

The Morning Banana diet originated in Japan and has since gained popularity around the world. The rules of this diet are fairly relaxed which means that anyone can follow this diet. A number of other fruit-based diets have also spurned up so one should try a few out and choose the one that appeals to them the most.

Mediterranean-inspired diets

Mediterranean-inspired diets are mostly diets that ask a dieter to eat small portions of regular Mediterranean dishes throughout the day. Diets that follow these patterns are a lot more satiating though they are strictly for people who find themselves dissatisfied with other kinds of diets. The only downside to this diet is that one needs to keep their activity level high and not be tempted to eat more than the portions prescribed.

Smoothie-based diets

Diets that ask a dieter to have smoothies as meal replacements would also gain prominence through 2013 as the focus shifts from starvation fads towards trends that ask dieters to eat more raw foods throughout their day. These often have a high rate of success as smoothies are filling, tasty, and easy to make.