How to Stay Warm During a Round of Cool-Weather Golf

It’s easy to enjoy golf throughout the year in many climates. By wearing the right women’s golf clothing and knowing when to add layers or take them off, you can stay warm without any worry of injury so you can focus on your game. Women’s golf apparel can be organized and stored inside a fashionable golf tote that’s perfect for carrying both on and off the course.

The trick to keeping warm outside in cool weather is in wearing the right fibers and layering your clothing, because you need to be able to stay cool once you’ve warmed up. The essential layers for ladies’ cool-weather golf include a base layer, main layer, and warm-up layer. Depending on your climate, you may also need a lightweight, waterproof rain jacket or parka as a fourth layer. Choose materials that are warm, lightweight, moisture wicking, and water resistant, such as Spandex, Lycra, and wool blends.

The base layer: Depending on your climate, a base layer may range from an athletic bra and panties to long johns. In most climates, a cool-weather base layer should consist of form-fitting ladies’ golf shirts worn over a support bra and paired with spandex tights or knee-high wool socks.

The main layer: This crucial layer is the one you’re aiming to wear once you’ve sufficiently warmed up and gotten into your game. You should be wearing a long-sleeve shirt over a short-sleeve top and warm-up pants or a skort over tights or long socks. In warmer winter climates you may be able to wear a skort with a pair of warm-up pants in your bag to throw on in case of cool weather.

The warm-up layer: Warming up is extremely important, and the cooler the weather, the more warming up you need to do beforehand to prevent injury. The right warm-up suit can help a lot. Look for long pants and a jacket that are extremely warm yet lightweight and made from water-resistant materials. A jacket that zips up in front is easier to take on and off during the game. Pants with zippers that expand the pant cuff make warm-up pants easier to take on and off without removing your shoes.

Cool weather accessories. Gloves, knit hats, and scarves offer extra warmth and protection from the elements on the course. It’s also a good idea to carry an extra pair of wool socks in case you get your feet wet. Wearing a knit hat prevents heat from escaping your through your head. Drinking plenty of water keeps you warm by preventing dehydration. Try carrying a thermos of hot tea or cocoa to stay extra warm on a cold day.

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