Eight Best Skin Care Blogs For 2013

There are troves of information on proper skincare all over the internet, but with such an information overload it is hard to find a site that meets your particular needs. To help find the site that caters to your skin, here is a compilation of the best skin care blogs from around the web. Here you’ll find something for skin of all ages, shades, and sensitivity.

1. For Younger looking skin

Dr. Bailey’s Skin Care blog

This blog is great for simply gathering information. Unlike many skin care blogs it gets right to the point and doesn’t cloud the message with frills, bells and whistles. It is by far one of the easiest to navigate and has information on skin care issues specifically for mature women. With articles on skin spots, and wrinkle reduction, and acne in older women—which many people tend to dismiss—this blog is a well-rounded information bank for skin over thirty.

2 .Your skin and beauty products:

My Beauty Bunny

If you are like most people you love when the solution to a problem can be scooped up at the store or ordered online and delivered to your door. It’s convenient, fast and if you’re lucky it has a money back guarantee. This site is all about that. It has product reviews, tutorials and how-to articles on using some of the most popular skin care products, like the coveted exfoliating skin brushes, and it offers quick solutions to common skin problems.  If you are looking for the perfect skin care product this is your one stop shop for fun facts, testimonials, and so much more.

3. Sensitive skin:

Are you one of the 40% of Americans who consider themselves to have sensitive skin? Then this is the site for you. The spark that makes this site perfect for those who struggle with sensitive skin is that the administrator, Stacy Ball, is a dermatology veteran with an insightful working knowledge of caring for sensitive skin conditions.

She touches on skin sensitivity hot spots like irritation when shaving and how to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs. She also touches on common mistakes people make that their skin pays the price for such as over-exfoliating. Lastly, she has a great section with detailed skin care regimens that are dermatologist recommended touching on the following four common conditions:

  •         Aging
  •         Breakouts and Blemishes
  •         Redness, Sensitivity and Irritation
  •         Brown Spots and Sun Damage

Each comes with a step-by-step solution to turn your skin around.

4. Organic skin care

Pai Skin Care Blog

Sarah Brown is a blogger who developed this site through years of research after developing a skin allergy. Sarah writes about having tried many solutions to her breakouts that began occurring after, “mixing and matching products with little consideration for what they contained.” She has since devoted her efforts to exploring the rejuvenating powers of natural ingredients and sharing them with the world through her blog.  Her site focuses on the effects chemicals, and toxins found in certain foods and other consumer products have on the skin, and natural ways to remedy the damage. She promotes only all natural products so many of the solutions can be found at home.

5. For the girl on the girl on the go

This blog offers more than just washing regimens and product suggestions. It gives you tips on how to take care of your skin when using make-up, recipes that that aid healthy skin, treatments and basic skin care essentials. It is perfect for someone who doesn’t have any specific skin care need in particular but would like information on all around maintenance for healthy skin care. It is certainly a one stop shop for a well-rounded overview of healthy skin care.

6. Darker skin

African American Skin Care blog

Skin comes in all colors and shades which sometimes means caring for it in a particular way by finding products that meet your skin unique needs. If you are looking for information on skin care for ethnic skin then this is certainly the site for you. While women of color aren’t as affected by skin conditions like rosacea, other ailments like skin discoloration and spotting are very common. This site, hosted by super-model Tyra Banks, offers detailed solutions to many skin problems commonly affecting men and women of color. It also lists a host of organic products like Shea butter and coconut oils that have natural smoothing benefits for darker skin tones.

7. All things acne

YoDerm blog

YoDerm is a prescription acne treatment product, but the great thing about the site is that you get professional advice without an over-bearing push to try to product. All of the articles are sourced so you can explore the information in further detail so it’s like having a mini skin care Wikipedia at your disposal. Another great thing about this blog is that it does a great job catering to men and women whereas others tend to focus on the ladies. Here you can find articles that range from “shaving with acne,” to debunked acne treatment myths. Admittedly the site could be better organized to make the articles easier to find, but the information is well-worth the small hunt.

8. Solution to skin conditions

Effortless Skin

This site lends good focus to treating specific skin conditions like hyperpigmentation—dark spots—and rosacea. They offer lots of information about skin care products without pushing anything in particular in your face. The site is run from the UK so some of the products and brands aren’t what you are used to hearing but they are very well informed. They tend to list what ingredients in each product make all the difference for your skin so you can easily seek them in local products.

Dr. Steven Zimmet is an Austin dermatologist at Zimmet Vein and Dermatology. He is dedicated to venous and dermatological advancements and was nominated by his peers for inclusion in the Best Doctors in America Database 2011-2012.

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