Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


The use of coconut dates back to four centuries. Not only the uses of the fruit are plenty, but its health benefits are also several. The fatty acids present in the oil have numerous health benefits and has benefitted many people all over.

The various benefits of the oil is due to the different types of acids present in which have shown significant improves in not health, but also quite favourable for hair, skin etc. and also has healing properties.

1. Aids in weight loss

Since the oil contains medium chain triglycerides, when it breaks in the liver, it helps to burning of energy. Since the energy expenditure in the body is increased, hence more calories are burnt. Also the oil is known to reduce hunger. It is possible because the fatty acids present in it are metabolized; hence the ketone bodies reduce the appetite of a person.

2. Stronger Immunity & Proper digestion

Immunity of a human body is increased with the oil because of the presence of lauric acids which can kill harmful microbes like bacteria, viruses etc. and others acids like capric acid, caprylic acid also contain antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. Lauric acid is able to combat bacteria, fungi etc. due to the presence of monolaurin in the acid.

Coconut oil which is used in many household as cooking oil helps in aiding digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome. The oil helps in proper digestion of nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and minerals.


3. For a health body

Coconut oil has 50 % lauric acid which prevents heart problems by reducing the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Lauric acid is also known to improve the HDL i.e. the high density lipoprotein, which is quite commonly known as the ‘good cholesterol’. Its regular also does not increase LDL (low density lipoprotein) in the blood, thereby atherosclerosis.

Coconut oil can effectively restore thyroid functions in the body.

4. Caring for your hair

Coconut oil is one of the best suited oil for different hair textures. Apart from making the hair shinier, it also improves its growth. This is possible because coconut reduces the protein loss from the hair. Regular massage of coconut oil on the scalp helps to reduce dandruff and also makes the hair bouncier.

5. Skin care and treating disorders

When used on skin, coconut oil can act as a great moisturiser. It application also does not cause any adverse reaction on the skin, so one can apply it. People who are suffering from problems of flaking and dryness of skin can easily be prevented using the oil. It is known to treat skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. The oil also blocks 20% of the sun’s ultra –violet rays; hence it can be used as a sunscreen.

Virgin coconut oil can easily be purchased from stores or online at a reasonable cost. Available in different sizes, varying from 280gm bottle to 10 kg buckets, every customer can buy as per his own preference.


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