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Healing Properties and Medical Uses of Minerals



Minerals, rocks, and crystals do not necessarily make most people think of health and healing. After all, there is little legitimate research that focuses on the positive healing effects of minerals. If coal, mercury, lead, volcanic dust, and other natural products of geology can harm a person, then why can’t minerals found in the Earth, help a person as well?

Robert B. Finkelman’s article “Health Benefits of Geologic Materials and Geologic Processes.” published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, explains the many medical uses of minerals.

“Tums (calcite), Milk of Magnesia (magnesite), talcum powder (talc), toothpaste (quartz, rutile), antiperspirants (bauxite), calcium supplement (ground-up coral) all rely on minerals for their beneficial health properties. Elements such as arsenic (Trisenox), mercury (mercurochrome, dental amalgam), boron (boric acid), selenium (dandruff shampoos), sulfur (drugs), barium (enemas, X-radiography), bismuth (Pepto Bismol), zinc (skin ointments), are the active ingredients in various drugs and pharmaceuticals” Finkelman writes.

  Minerals play all sorts of roles in the medical field. From helping cure cancer in assisting in surgical procedures, different minerals can be found in nearly every aspect of the medical field. Below is a brief list of minerals that perform tasks essential to the function of modern medicine.

  • Zeolites have blood-clotting properties that have been used in the military and with medical personnel. They also aid in the cleanup of nuclear radiation, which may help cancer researchers prevent cancer.

  • Gypsum helps mold plaster casts to heal broken bones.

  • Malachite is known for its antimicrobial properties.

  • Titanium, platinum, and gold are used for many medical needs, like repairing broken bones and teeth.

  • Silicon is used for a number of medical procedures, including life-saving pacemakers.

  • Rubies are used in surgical lasers, and in gallstone removal.

  • Lithium is commonly administered as a mood-stabilizer for those who suffer from certain mental health issues, such as bipolar.

  • Selenium helps combat dandruff and has shown impressive cancer-fighting properties.

While we know that minerals in our diet are essential for health, the role of minerals in healing is often overlooked. If you’re interested in taking a more holistic approach to medicine, consider incorporating minerals into your health regimen. Minerals offer a natural and often inexpensive way to help heal your ailments. It’s easy to miss the many ways in which minerals assist in our healing process.