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Yoga May Have a Significant Positive Effect on Our Psychological Health



The human mind has enormous potential but unfortunately only a very few among the human race know how to utilize these capabilities. One tested and trusted practice that has been used for many years to establish a connection between the mind and the soul is Yoga. It is a very ancient Indian practice that is being used in many parts of the world to date.

Yoga means to unite the mind, body, and soul and is believed to set up a connection between the human mind and the eternal power that supports life. It is often related to spirituality as well as physical fitness. A person who practices yoga regularly is able to remain fit physically and has better control over his emotions.

Health experts suggest practicing yoga regularly due to its constructive effects on health. It commonly consists of three types of practices –

  • Physical exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation

These practices have been observed to have a positive effect on the mental condition of patients suffering from psychological issues like mild depression, sleep disorders, ADHD, and schizophrenia. Patients with such mental disorders have shown a gradual improvement in their health after practicing yoga even without the consumption of drugs or any other treatment. Many health experts have stated the practice to be highly promising for patients with mental illness. The practice not only reduces the symptoms of the disease but also improves the quality of mental health. It is believed to act just like the way the stress relieving medicines and therapy work for a mentally ill person.

Patients with psychological disorders tend to overlook the issue and resist visiting a psychiatrist until the problem crosses a certain limit and becomes uncontrollable. At such a point of mental illness, it becomes even more complicated to treat the disorder. The only way left with the psychiatrists to treat such patients is to keep them on regular medication and therapy. These medications are often observed to cause irreversible side effects and worsen the condition making the patient completely dependent upon them.

The practice of yoga is far away from any kind of side effects and provides holistic healing to the patients. Mental health professionals have even stated that if the benefits of yoga can be encapsulated into a stress relief drug, it would be the best and the most effective drug for such patients. Though yoga cannot be completely relied upon for curing mental patients, its inclusion into the treatment procedure can prove to be quite beneficial.

In addition to those who are facing psychological disorders, yoga is also suggested to be practiced by those who want to remain healthy both physically and mentally. Many among us have made it a routine to keep a check on their physical health. But mental health is as important as physical health as both of them are interrelated and dependent upon each other to a great extent.