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Types Of Glasses-Making The Right Choice?



Having trouble reading the car registration plate in front of you or does the magazine print seem to swim in front of your eyes? Or do your eyes ache after a day working at your computer in the office? If you’ve had your glasses for some time or never worn glasses before it could be time for a trip to the optician to have an eye test.

These days glasses are a popular fashion accessory as well as a necessity for many wearers and if you need them to correct your vision it’s important to choose ones that improve your vision as well as enhance your appearance.  With most opticians providing a stylish and affordable range of frames there’s no reason to opt for anything less than a pair of spectacles fitted with lenses just for you. This is particularly important given the range of different lenses that are available, each of them designed to correct individual eyesight conditions which may even vary in each eye. It’s clear to see that the lens inside the frame is as important as the frame itself but what kind of glasses might you need?

Common types of vision problems and glasses

It takes a trained professional to know what type of lenses will correct your own individual eyesight and this is why you need to visit the Opticians to get a thorough eye examination. This will check not only your vision but the general health of your eyes too. The optician will then be able to advise on which of the types of glasses you need, usually to correct one of the following:

  • Short-sightedness or Myopia – where you can’t focus on objects in the distance but you can see objects that are close.
  • Long-sightedness or Hyperopia –  in addition to your eyes being unable to focus on near sight objects you may also find your eyes tire easily.
  • Presbyopia – as you get older, usually around your mid-forties, the muscles in your eyes lose their elasticity and cause your vision to blur. Many people notice this when they realize they are holding a book further away to read and this is often when reading glasses are required for the first time.

To complicate things more some people may require a prescription that can accommodate more than one eye condition and may choose to have glasses fitted with Varifocal lenses; a combination of lens prescriptions made into one lens and fitted into their glasses. These glasses allow the wearer to see long and near sight objects and to read without the inconvenience and expense of having three pairs of glasses.

Trust the Professionals

You might still think you’d be happy to order a pair of glasses online or pick them up at the supermarket to save a bit of money. However last year Which magazine went undercover and purchased 36 pairs of glasses online; 15 pairs failed industry tests and 10 of those pairs failed to comply with British standards. This included badly fitted lenses which affected the wearer’s eyesight to the extent that using stairs or driving was deemed as unsafe. Additionally, poor quality glasses that have not been specifically prescribed for you can cause headaches and in some cases even make your vision worse.

Once the professionals have done the serious stuff you can have fun picking the frame. So what’s your type? Geek chic square black frames, barely-there invisible frames, or designer statement style?