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Don’t Over Complicate Things..



You shouldn’t just worry about the bikini body in the summer, what about if you are going on a winter break? Don’t forget, ski lodges have hot tubs and spa hotels have swimming pools! You have to make sure you have the perfect bikini body all year round. It may sound alike a lot of work and a lot of pressure to put yourself under but to be fair, you should be looking after your fitness levels no matter what the season is.

If you find all of this a little too daunting, don’t worry, there are some top tips to keep you trim and eager to de-robe at the shortest notice!

1)      Your core – Make sure you are doing those core muscles, you don’t have to go to the gym for this, 30 sit-ups before work in the morning is all it takes and the work out should only last a couple of minutes!

2)      Cardio – Don’t forget, you can do all the core muscles you like but if your tummy is covered in a layer of flab, who’s ever going to see those finely tunes abs? It doesn’t take much; just make sure you chose the stairs over the lift once in a while.

3)      Eating right – Eating well is an obvious one but some people tend to forget that cooking low-fat meals are just as easy in the winter as it is in the summer.

4)      Drink water – Water aids your work out by increasing your ability to lose weight. It’s also great for your skin, hair, and nails too.

5)      Skincare – This goes for your whole body, from shaving your legs to making sure you exfoliate and moisturize on a regular basis.

This may all sound a little overly simplified, but to be fair, it should never get more complicated than this because that is where a lot of us fall off the wagon. Once we over complicate things, we end up buying dieting pills, counting calories, or even missing meals so that we can fit into those jeans that are simply too small. I’m sure we have all heard the saying; “all good things” (you know the rest); well don’t give up – the body you desire will come, but until then you could always just get a tankini online at figleaves to cover up those “work in progress spots” and accentuate those feminine curves.