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Top Tips for Keeping your Warehouse Tidy



Top Tips for Keeping your Warehouse Tidy

A cluttered warehouse means a dangerous warehouse so make your workplace work for you with The Workplace Depot’s guide to using warehouse supplies to keep everything organized.

Maximize Storage Space Using Racks

Whether it’s a warehouse, workshop, supermarket, or an office, all spaces can benefit from well thought out racking and shelving. If you are currently using a racking system, a quick reassessment of the available floor space and your own business needs (which may have changed considerably since you first installed your storage system) may be beneficial. With so many different types of shelving and racking introducing some heavy-duty commercial racking, pallet racking systems, or cantilever racking options could be invaluable for increasing the ease of accessibility, safety, and inventory control.

Use Floor-Labelling to Keep Things Moving

Floor labels and marking systems are one of the most cost-effective ways of organizing your workplace. Whether it’s to direct the flow of traffic, highlighting forklift truck routes, or simply designating pallet positions on the warehouse or factory floor, there really is no easier way. Floor labels are made from a super-tough and durable PVC with a seriously aggressive adhesive backing that can withstand the heavy traffic in a fully operational warehouse. With ‘L’ shape corners, ‘+’ to mark center pallet positions, circles for walkways and arrows for use route markers, floor labeling will streamline movement throughout your business and avoid stock being dumped in inconvenient places.

Impact Barriers for Safety and Organisation

Barriers can be used for a number of different reasons; protecting staff from heavy-duty vehicles as they move around the workplace, preventing stock from cosmetic damage, or cordoning off certain parts of the building when not in use. A portable expanding scissor barrier is particularly useful as it can be easily transported from place to place.

Waste Not, Want Not

Whether you’re preparing items for transit or receiving deliveries, almost everything will be heavily swathed in packaging to protect it from the inevitable knocks and bumps that occur along the way. Once you have battled through all of the cardboard, plastic, styrofoam peanuts, and bubble wrap don’t just stuff it into your regular bin or tuck it under a desk to deal with later (possibly after you trip over it!) – recycle it!

Investing in a recycling bin not only shows that you are an environmentally aware business but also keeps everything neat, organized, and out of the way. Many recycling bins can be linked together to create recycling stations where many household and office items can be responsibly disposed of – plus you have to take the bin out a less, bonus! As many of the recycling units themselves are made from recycled material, it really is a win-win situation.

These are just a few ideas for using basic warehouse supplies to keep your workplace clean, tidy, and safe but just stop there! Where else could you save space?