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Understanding the Overall Concept of Good Health with a Holistic Analysis



Everyone wants to be in good health, you hear it all the time. But what exactly does that mean? Well generally it implies that someone’s mind and body are both without any kind of injury or illness, but how does that translate into a lifestyle?

You may really be Sick of Your House

Whether you are just sick of that ugly wallpaper in the bathroom or there is mold growing in your basement, if your house is dirty or just plain ugly, it plays a factor in your overall health. If it is unclean it could take a more direct approach by introducing you to harmful bacteria or viruses. But if it is visually unappealing it is just as unhealthy because it will weigh on your mind, taxing you and stressing you out which could make you more susceptible to any disease you may come into contact with.

A Happy Belly really does make a Happy Person

Diet really is important and no, I don’t mean the crazy “you can’t eat ANYTHING” sort of diet. I mean the “eat foods that are actually good for you” sort. By monitoring what you eat and just how much you eat it is easy to maintain a healthy weight. Everyone remembers the food pyramid we all learned in school, fruits, veggies, dairy, grains, meats, and all of this in moderation. And as long as you only eat a suggested portion, you can eat anything you want.

Remember to Move Your Feet

Part of keeping your body healthy is activity. No one wants to think about it but doing something as simple as going to the grocery store helps. It’s as easy as parking towards the back of the lot so you have further to walk and calling it cardio. If you work in an office, take the stairs or March in place for a few moments between clients. It doesn’t have to be as intense as a full gym routine if you don’t want it to be, no one is allowed to make that decision but you.

Healthy Relationship is the Key

Have friends, spend time with them and keep yours with razor-sharp. People are social beings and we all need that interaction to survive. Depriving yourself of that is like starving yourself. But make sure that they are positive. Do not waste your time with someone who will only use you, and if you are already friends with them, consider how valuable that friendship is to you.

Keep the Mind Sharp

Keeping your mind sharp is just as important as keeping your body healthy. Enjoy life, do the things you want, learn something you have always wanted to. The internet is a wonderful resource; you can teach yourself a language just by joining a website and talking to native speakers, or you could teach yourself a craft by researching videos and instructions online. By learning something you have always wanted to, will surely make you happier.

It is easy to be in good health and your body already tells you what it wants, and you just have to listen. When you are full, when you are tired, when you are stressed, sad, or happy, as long as you listen up to what your body urges for, it is easy to stay in good health.

Good health is all about responding positively to the needs of your body and while doing so, you must strike a balance between wants and realism. This is the best trick of not sweating out much in the gym to keep yourself fit and healthy.